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  1. Scholarship Recipient.- Recipients who accepted a scholarship awarded by Pronabec through the Graduate, Undergraduate and Special Scholarship Office.

  1. Social Inclusion scholarships.- Social inclusion scholarships include:

    1. Beca 18 undergraduate with national scope, includes university careers (five years), technical professional (four years) and higher technical careers (three years).

    1. Special Scholarships with university careers (five years), higher technical careers (three years) and pedagogic careers (five years), focused in populations showed in the following scholarships:

      1. Scholarships for vulnerable populations

a. Population of the Valley of Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro Rivers (VRAEM).

b. Graduates from the Volunteer Military Service

c. Teenagers in abandon situation and/or under the supervision of the State.

      1. Scholarships for Special Situations:

  1. Violence victims happened in the country since 1980.

  2. Residents’ populations in Huallaga.

    1. Scholarships for Vulnerable Populations and in Special Situations of the Technical Productive Training (Formación Técnica Productiva).

The scholarship promotes the access to technical training programs with modules of teaching up to six months, as well as permanence and finishing in favor of persons that have difficulties in pursuing their basic educational studies, in primary and in high school and is aimed to vulnerable populations such as Albergues (Shelters), VRAEM (conflict areas), graduates of the Volunteer Military Service and disability people) and in special situation (Repared and Huallaga, victims of terrorism) in order to develop skills related to specific jobs which allow them to enter in the labor market, improve their quality of live and contribute with the sustainable development of the country.

  1. Scholarships of Human Capital.- These are the Scholarships closely linked with the national productive supply and needs in science and technology, as well as those that promote the human talent and excellency, so that, in medium and long term our country has advance human capital that contribute with the sustainable and competitive development. The scholarships are the following:

    1. Presidente de la República Scholarship

    2. Presidente de la República Scholarship with Master in Education Sciences

    3. Special Scholarship with Specialty in Pedagogic.

    4. Reciprocity Scholarships: (Becas de Reciprocidad)

  1. Scholarship Peruvian – Ecuadorian Friendship (Beca de la Amistad Peruano Ecuatoriana)

  2. Peru – China Scholarship

3.5 Academic and Student Exchange Mobility Scholarship of the Pacific Alliance

3.6 Special Scholarship “Academic Excellence” (Beca Especial “Excelencia Académica”)

3.7 Special Scholarship “Vocation of Teacher” (Beca Especial “Vocación de Maestro)

3.8. Bicentennial scholarship (Beca Bicentenario)

3.9. Others not mentioned are in number 2

4. Condition of the scholar.- Special situation the scholar is and from this will depend the grant. The conditions of each scholar status are the following:

4.1. Active state: Includes the following conditions:

a) Pending the start of classes: Scholar who hasn´t begin his/her studies because of the HEI’s or Training Center, so he/she isn´t ready for the grants.

b) Regular: Scholars studying according to the HEI’s academic schedule or Training Center. The students can be qualified or not for the grant.

Qualified for the grant: She/he accomplishes with every requirement established in the rules for the Grant Execution and doesn´t have any observations that can result in the loss or suspension of the scholarship. It includes the scholars who are on vacations as long as they achieve the activities established in the current Rules.

Not qualified for the grant: Scholarship recipient that doesn´t achieve will all the requirements established in the current Rules.

  1. Observed: Regular Scholarship recipients waiting for the issuance of Administrative Resolution by loss or suspension of the scholar. He/she isn´t qualified for the grant, with exception of grant by medical insurance, in the case of suspension by medical inability.

  1. Suspended: Scholar with an Administrative Resolution of temporal suspension of studies. He/she isn´t qualified for grants, with exception of grants by medical insurance, in the case of medical inability.

  1. Graduate in degree process: Scholarship recipient that has finished his/her studies in accordance with the syllabus of the HEI’s or Training Center. Scholarship recipient is qualified for the grant as long as he/she begins the degree process in the term and way established by the rule.

4.2 Inactive status: It includes the following conditions:

  1. Graduate without a professional degree: Scholarship recipient that has finished his/her studies according with the HEI’s syllabus and exceeds the term to start the degree process established in the rule. He/she isn´t qualified for the grant.

  1. Students with a professional degree: Scholarship recipient who has obtained the technical/professional degree. He/she isn´t suitable for the grant.

  1. Scholar with loss of scholarship penalty: Scholarship recipient with Administrative Resolution of the scholarship. The causes of loss of scholarship are regulated in the Art. 37.3 of the Law Regulation N°29837 approved by Supreme Decree N°013-2012-ED and modified by Supreme Decree N°008-2013-ED.

  1. Contractors.- Are all those legal people Pronabec works with, hire goods and services in favor of the scholarship recipient, through the State contract regulation.

  1. Coordinator of the Higher Educational Institution and Training Center.- The person who officially represents the HEI or Training Center in charge of the coordination of academic and management activities related to the scholarship recipient.

  1. Scholarship Recipient Status.- Category or type the scholarship recipient is related to, associated to the academic plan. Scholarship recipient’ status are active and inactive.

  1. Agents of Lima and Callao or Regional Liaison Unit or Scholarship Agent.- In charge of the escort, follow-up and monitoring of the scholarship recipients who pursue studies in HEI’s and Training Center that participate in the Scholarship Program and also guarantee to provide a quality educational service. They are responsible of the grants and the payment of direct and indirect costs of the scholarship recipient to HEI’s and Training Center, contractors and cooperating entities, according to the necessary requirements, providing the payment request in the Sistema de Becas – SIBEC (System of Scholarships).

  1. Higher Education Institutions and Training Center.- Public and private institutes and universities and other training center that be part or not of the educational system, that receive Pronabec’ scholars and that have signed with the Ministry of Education an inter institutional agreement for the implementation of the scholarships.

  1. Settlement.- It is the document that issues the Área de subvenciones (Grants Department) about the payment file issued by the Agent of Lima and Callao or Regional Liaison Unit or Agent of Scholarships, that permits the payment to HEI’s and Training Center, contractors and cooperating entities.

  1. Far places from the study center.- When the scholarship recipient lives more than 50 km. away of the HEI’s or Training Center and when the scholar’s permanent residence prior his/her application is in a province or department different from the place where HEI is located.

  1. Places of difficult access to the study center.- When the scholar lives in a place founded in a shorter distance or equal as appointed in the previous numeral, located in rural zones, with restrictions to get transportation, lack or absence of basic services, lack of public spaces to have a healthy, plurals, lack of conditions for personal and social safety that attempts against the appropriate development and academic and personal performance of the scholarship recipient.

Will be considered that exist restriction to get transportation when appear some of the next situations:

  1. You need to get three or more means of transportation to approach to one HEI or Training Center.

  1. The access road between the residence of the scholarship recipient and HEIS’s or Training Centers, being mostly rough road.

  1. Don´t exist means of transportation during most of the academic cycle part (semestral or annual according to the study plan or HEI’s or Training Center).

  1. The ground, river and sea transport for public service only has a single frequency, one-way, daily.

  1. Academic remedial courses.- Academic activity, that place the scholarship recipient in a level required by the HEI or Training Center, before begin the professional career, according to the former diagnostic done by the institution that accept the scholarship recipient.

  1. Grants Payment Form.- It is the document issued by the Grants Department about the payment requests issued by the Agent of Lima and Callao or Regional Liaison Unit or Agent of Scholarship, awarding payment viability of direct grants to scholarship recipients.

  1. Legal Representative.- It is the person that will represent the under legal age scholarship recipient until achieves the legal age, to formalize and execute the correspondent proceeding for the grants awarding in representation of the scholarship recipient. They are legal representatives considered by the Civil Code, it means, parents who execute the custody of their sons or the guardians.

  1. Grants.- It refers to the direct and indirect costs of the scholarships whose amounts, awarding and execution are established in the current Rules.

  1. Group Mentor.- Educational Guidance Service that receives the scholarship recipient to strengthen their learning, study techniques, speed reading, learning habits, among others, according to the former diagnose done by the institution that accept the scholarship recipient. It is done in a parallel or simultaneous way to the HEI’s or Training Center studies

  1. Individual Mentor.- Educational Guidance Service that receives the scholarship recipient to strengthen his/her autonomy, self-confidence, leadership, empowerment and self-control, among others, according to the previous diagnostic done by the institution that accept the scholarship recipient . It is done in a parallel or simultaneous way to the HEI’s or Training Center studies. It is performed in parallel or simultaneously with the IES studies or training for which he received a scholarship.

Article 418.-. Concept of Parental Authority. Parents have the duty and right of taking care of the person and goods of their underage sons.

Article 419.- Joint exercise of Parental Authority. Parental authority by the father and mother jointly exercised during the marriage corresponding to both the legal representation of the child. In case of disagreement, it is charge of this the Judge for Children and Adolescents under the summary procedure.

Article 502.- Purpose of custody. A child who is not under parental authority will be appointed guardian in testament or through Public Deed.

Surviving father and mother for sons under his/her parental authority.

The grandfather or grandmother, for grandsons under legitimate protection.

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