Glory: History vs. Hollywood

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Glory: History VS. Hollywood

The movie Glory depicts the actions of one regiment of black soldiers during the Civil War. Your job after watching the movie will be to answer the following questions in a GOOD DETAIL using scenes and themes from the movie as well as from the following excerpt

  1. What battle is going on at the start of the movie?

  2. What is Shaw’s mood at the dinner party?

  3. Does Shaw strike you as a brave man? Why or Why not? Is choosing to lead the 54th a brave act?

  4. Why is getting uniforms so important? What does the "blue suit" symbolize?

  5. How does the movie depict a unique African American culture? Do black soldiers seem to have a different experience of camp life, religion, language?

  6. Near the beginning, Shaw tells the newly formed 54th that with the “grace of God we shall restore the Union…” Is that why most of the soldiers volunteered? Why does Trip say he is fighting the war? What does Trip mean when he says. "it would be nice to get clean?"

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