Globalization, sex & gender spring 2005

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Altman, Dennis. 2002. Global Sex. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Connell, R.W. 2002. Gender. Cambridge, UK: Polity.

Held, David. 2000. Globalizing World. London; New York: Routledge
These are relevant to the course as a whole, and you are expected to read them all during the semester. In addition you will need to read widely for your essay, and the list of readings for each topic is intended to help guide you in this direction. As a general rule you will need to read at least one of the additional readings each week to contribute fully to class discussion. Starred articles are contained in the course pack and are posted on the web.
Many of the readings will be on e-reserve. Articles that are not accessible will be on reserves at Lamont and Hilles Libraries. A few can be obtained via the course website.
There is a vast amount of relevant material available on the web, and in current newspapers and journals. Good students will search widely and choose carefully: a blog diary is unlikely to be as useful as an article in, say, The Economist. There are also a number of readers which are worth looking at for references: two examples are M. Zinn, P. Hondagneu & M. Messner: Gender through the Prism of Difference (OUP) and J. Weeks, J. Holland & M. Waites: Sexualities & Society Oxford Polity 2003.

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