Globalization and Offshoring of Software

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11. Conclusion

Globalization of, and offshoring within the software industry will continue and, in fact, increase. This increase will be fueled by information technology itself as well as government action and economic factors, and will result in more global competition in both lower-end software skills and higher-end endeavors such as research. The business imperatives: profits, shareholder value, and inter-company competitiveness

will continue to play a dominant role. Current data and economic theory suggest that despite offshoring, career opportunities in IT will remain strong in the countries where they have been strong in the past even as they grow in the countries that are targets of offshoring. The future, however, is one in which the individual will be situated in a more global competition. The brightness of the future for individuals, companies, or countries is centered on their ability to invest in building the foundations that foster innovation and invention.

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