Global History I mr. Mintzes The Renaissance as a Turning Point Introduction: why Italy?

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The Age of Exploration

also showed Renaissance ideas at work.  It was secular in its interest in the world.  It certainly displayed skepticism by challenging accepted ideas about the world.  And the fact that it pitted individual captains against the forces of nature shows it was both humanistic and individualistic.

The Protestant Reformation

 was one other result of the Italian Renaissance.  The spirit of skepticism challenged the authority of the Church, thus opening the way for much more serious challenge later posed by the Protestants.  The Protestant Reformation, in turn, would pave the way for new patterns of thought in social, political, economic, and scientific matters.

The Italian Renaissance is generally seen as lasting until about 1500, when Italy's political disunity attracted a devastating round of wars and invasions that ended its most innovative cultural period.  However, in the process, the invaders took the ideas of the Italian Renaissance back to Northern Europe and sparked what is known as the Northern Renaissance.

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