Global History (H4) Regents Practice Teachers' Answer Key

(3) Geographic factors can influence a nation’s

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(3) Geographic factors can influence a nation’s

military decisions.

(4) Trade has a major impact on political life in India.

India Independence


Regents Practice
Jan. 2007

Base your answer to question 34 on the map below

and on your knowledge of social studies.

34 Which letter identifies the nation most closely

associated with Mohandas Gandhi?

(1) A (3) C

(2) B (4) D

India Independence

Regents Practice
June 2000

Base your answers to questions 19 and 20 on the

statements below and on your knowledge of social

Statement 1: “This organization is created for the

purpose of realizing the national ideal:

the union of all Serbs.”

—Bylaws of the Black Hand
Statement 2: “. . . people . . . would think themselves

happier even under their bad government

than they might be under the good

government of a foreign power.”

—Mohandas Gandhi,

adapted from Indian Opinion, 1905

Statement 3: “. . . above all, we want Germany to be

considered one land and the German

people one people.”

—Heinrich von Gagern,

The Call for German Unity
Statement 4: “We ardently wish to free Italy from

foreign rule. We agree that we must put

aside all petty differences in order to

gain this most important goal. We wish

to drive out the foreigners not only

because we want to see our country

powerful and glorious, but also because

we want to elevate the Italian people in

intelligence and moral development.”

—Count Camillo di Cavour, 1810–1861

19 The foreign power referred to in Statement 2 is

1 Russia 3 Great Britain

2 Brazil 4 Japan
20 Which idea is expressed by all the statements?

1 War is a means of achieving national policies.

2 Industrial growth is critical to a country’s prosperity.

3 Social class differences are the source of all conflicts.

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