Global History (H4) Regents Practice Teachers' Answer Key

for Europe” (4) “Soviet Troops and Tanks Crush Hungarian Revolt”

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for Europe”

(4) “Soviet Troops and Tanks Crush Hungarian Revolt”

Aug. 2003

26 One reason that Britain and France agreed to

appease Hitler at the Munich Conference was to

(1) prevent the start of another world war

(2) stop the Nazis from invading the Soviet Union

(3) obey an order from the League of Nations

(4) obtain advanced German military weapons in exchange

Rise of Fascism

Regents Practice
Jan. 2004

34 Which situation is an example of totalitarianism

in Germany in the 1930s?

(1) frequent meetings of the German Reichstag

(2) decline of the German economy

(3) strict government control of the press

(4) negotiation of a nonaggression pact with the

Soviet Union
June 2004

Base your answer to question 36 on the passage

below and on your knowledge of social studies.
“It took the Big Four just five hours and twenty-five

minutes here in Munich today to dispel the

clouds of war and come to an agreement over the

partition of Czechoslovakia. There is to be no

European war, after all. There is to be peace, and

the price of that peace is, roughly, the ceding by

Czechoslovakia of the Sudeten territory to Herr

Hitler’s Germany. The German Führer gets what

he wanted, only he has to wait a little longer for

it. Not much longer though — only ten days. . . .”

Source: William Shirer, recording of CBS radio report

from Prague, September 29, 1938

36 The policy that France, Britain, and Italy chose to

follow at this meeting is known as

(1) appeasement (3) liberation

(2) self-determination (4) pacification

Aug. 2004

26 In Europe during the 1920s and 1930s, severe

inflation, high unemployment, and fear of

communism all contributed to the

(1) overthrow of monarchies in Italy and Germany

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