Global History (H4) Regents Practice Teachers' Answer Key

(4) The needs of the state are more important

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(4) The needs of the state are more important

than the rights of individuals.
45 Which individual would most likely agree with

the ideas expressed in this quotation?

(1) Nelson Mandela (3) Benito Mussolini

(2) Lech Walesa (4) Mohandas Gandhi

June 2002

33 The harsh terms included in the treaties ending

World War I have been used to explain the

(1) Fascist Revolution in Spain

(2) Bolshevik Revolution in Russia

(3) rise of Nazism in Germany

(4) Armenian massacre in Turkey

Rise of Fascism

Regents Practice
June 2002

Base your answers to questions 35 and 36 on the statements

below and on your knowledge of social studies.
Speaker A: “What was actually happening on the

battlefield was all secret then, but I

thought that the Greater East Asia Co-

Prosperity Sphere would be of crucial

importance to backward races.”
Speaker B: “We Nazis must hold to our aim in foreign

policy, namely to secure for the

German people the land and soil to

which they are entitled. . . .”

Speaker C: “The Munich Pact saved Czechoslovakia

from destruction and Europe from

Speaker D: “We shall defend our island, whatever

the cost shall be. We shall fight on the

beaches, we shall fight on the landing

grounds, we shall fight in the fields and

in the streets. . . . We shall never surrender.”
35 The common theme in the statements of

Speakers B and D is

(1) colonialism (3) nationalism

(2) containment (4) reparations

36 The clearest example of the policy of appeasement

is in the statement made by Speaker

(1) A (3) C

(2) B (4) D

Aug. 2002

47 Which newspaper headline illustrates a policy of appeasement?

(1) “Dien Bien Phu Falls; French to Leave Vietnam”

(2) “Chamberlain Agrees to German Demands:

Sudetenland to Germany”

(3) “Marshall Plan Proposes Economic Aid Program

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