Global History (H4) Regents Practice Teachers' Answer Key

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Post Cold War


Regents Practice
Jan. 2001

Base your answers to questions 36 through 37 on the discussion below and on your knowledge of social studies.

Speaker A: I think that this plan is an excellent one. By expanding membership, the North

Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) can change its role as we enter the 21st century.

Since its original enemy is no longer a threat, we should use NATO to maintain

peace in Europe.

Speaker B: I strongly disagree. NATO is a military organization that requires its members to

spend money on military equipment and training. The nations at risk would better

help themselves by spending money on improving infrastructure and strengthening

their economies.

Speaker C: Both of you are missing the point. The whole reason we want to join NATO is for

protection against Russian expansionism. This has happened before in our history,

with dire consequences for us. We do not want it to happen again.
Speaker D: We will never accept anyone’s right to build up troops or weapons in the areas

along our borders. Those are our traditional spheres of influence. We will not

accept any action that dictates our defense policy to us.
36 The speakers are discussing the question of

whether NATO should

1 send troops to stop ethnic strife in Iraq

2 expel the United States and Canada

3 dissolve and turn over its assets to the European Union

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