Global History (H4) Regents Practice Teachers' Answer Key

(1) Modern technology can have serious negative effects

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(1) Modern technology can have serious negative effects.

(2) Today’s environment renews itself.

(3) Only developing nations have environmental problems.

(4) Most environmental problems originate in Europe.

Global Problems


Regents Practice
June 2006

39 How do some Latin American governments

justify the destruction of the rain forests?

(1) Cattle raising, farming, and mining in the rain

forest will help the economy.

(2) Manufacturers no longer use the latex

produced by the trees of the rain forest.

(3) People who live in the rain forest are moving to the cities.

(4) Drug trafficking will decrease when the

protection of the rain forests is gone.

Aug. 2006

Base your answer to question 38 on the diagram

below and on your knowledge of social studies.
38 Which conclusion based on the ecological cycle

shown in this diagram is most valid?

(1) Grain yields increase as the amount of land

reclaimed increases.

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