Global History (H4) Regents Practice Teachers' Answer Key

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4 environmental dangers
Aug. 2000

38 In recent years, companies from industrialized

nations have been building production facilities

in Latin American nations. This economic change

is mostly due to the region’s

1 favorable climate

2 supply of inexpensive labor

3 capital resources

4 political stability
Jan. 2002

39 The main purpose of the European Union (EU)

and the North American Free Trade Agreement

(NAFTA) is to

(1) reduce the spread of nuclear weapons

(2) address the problem of international political corruption

(3) increase educational opportunities for underdeveloped


(4) stimulate economic growth for participating countries
June 2002

44 “North Americans are always among us, even

when they ignore us or turn their back on us.

Their shadows cover the whole hemisphere. It is

the shadow of a giant.”

Octavio Paz, Mexican poet

The author of this statement is commenting on the

(1) need for North Americans to provide economic

aid to Mexico

(2) effects of free trade between Canada,

Mexico, and the United States

(3) borrowing of Latin American culture by the

United States

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