Global History (H4) Regents Practice Teachers' Answer Key

represent codes of behavior

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1 represent codes of behavior

2 restrict social mobility

3 stress the spiritual being in all natural objects

4 suggest a deep respect for nature and reincarnation

June 2001

Base your answers to questions 6 and 7 on the

statements below and on your knowledge of social

Speaker A: We must return to the ideas of the Bible.

We should encourage people to read and

interpret religious scripture for themselves.

Speaker B: Our people worship many gods, who

control the peoples’ activities, such as

birth, death, and commerce.
Speaker C: Our people received the Ten Commandments

at Mount Sinai. We are few in

number, but we will bring these commandments

to all people.

Speaker D: We trace our religion’s birth to the flight

of our greatest prophet from Mecca to Medina.

6 Which speaker is expressing an idea from a polytheistic


(1) A (3) C

(2) B (4) D
7 Which speaker refers to the establishment of


(1) A (3) C

(2) B (4) D

Jan. 2003

18 The spread of Islam into the kingdoms of Ghana

and Mali resulted from

(1) imperialism (3) cultural diffusion

(2) ethnocentrism (4) self-determination
Aug. 2003

7 Judaism, Islam, and Christianity share a belief in

(1) papal supremacy

(2) teachings of the Koran (Quran)

(3) reincarnation and the Four Noble Truths

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