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Absolute Monarchy
Absolute Monarchy:

A ruler with complete authority over the government and the lives of the people;

No institution in the civil society can check the king's power; the king dominates all institutions.
Key Characteristics of an Absolute Monarch:

The power of the nobles was limited and controlled by the king.

Assemblies were used to rubber stamp the king's initiatives, or were circumvented, or were ignored.

A bureaucracy was created or strengthened to collect taxes and consolidate power.

Trade was encouraged. It increased revenue.

Money was used to glorify the king.

The king controlled the religious authorities.

Armies were used to consolidate the kingdom's borders or expand the territory under the king's control.
Absolute Monarchs and the Law:

Practical everyday matters related to the law were controlled by the king. Justice flowed from the king.

Often there was no written set of laws or constitution during an absolute monarch's rule. No civil or human rights were guaranteed under the king's rule.

No matter what the king decided, there were certain things the king could not change. If the king attempted to do these things his subjects did not have to and probably would not obey him.

Examples: The king could not change the religion of the country.

The king could not deprive his subjects of due process of the law.
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