Global Geography Unit 3- middle and South America

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Global Geography

Unit 3- Middle and South America

Maya - Blood of Kings Video Questions
1. The Maya didn’t disappear from disease or from war, what happened to the Maya?

2. True or False Europe was just as advanced as the Mayans at the same period.

3. What continent were the ancestors of the Mayans from?

4. Name one country in Central America that was part of the Mayan empire.

5. True or False The Maya traveled from places like Greece and Egypt; that is how they received

all of their knowledge.

6. What was discovered at the Temple of the Inscriptions in 1957?

7. The Maya had one of 5 ___________________________________ produced in the world.

8. What religion did Diego da Landa (the priest) want to convert the Maya to?

9. What did Diego da Landa do when he was angry that the Maya were still practicing their old religion?

10. What subject did they use to help calculate math?

11. True or False The Maya were a peaceful people.

12. Why were their 365 steps on the temple they describe?

13. How many seconds off was their calculation of the moon’s rotation?

14. What is supposed to happen on December 23, 2012?

15. What did they do to the skulls of children?

16. What did they do to women’s teeth?

17. What was the Maya “drug of choice”?

18. What was happening to the captives of the Maya shown in the great battle scene on the wall of a temple?

19. How was the book that had the key to Mayan writing found?

20. What did the Mayan kings and queens have to do to make their gods happy?

21. What did the Maya consider the most powerful substance on earth?

22. What animals are used to do the sacrificing today?

23. Name one problem the Mayans blamed the king for.

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