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A Snapshot from a Salzburg Gymnasium, March 2003

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A Snapshot from a Salzburg Gymnasium, March 2003

A small poll of 26 Austrian gymnasium pupils, aged 12 and 13, in Salzburg in March 2003 shows that people below 16 already have their opinions, revealing quite astonishing results.11 While this tiny survey in no way can be interpreted as representative for all Austrian children of that age group it nevertheless constitutes an interesting snapshot. Asked to write down associations coming to their mind when thinking about “America” they produced the following:
stupid politicians who have no clue

Saddam Hussein, Iraq, George Bush, September 11, World Trade Center

The president of the United States is George Bush – I´d rather not voice my opinion

President George Bush – a blithering idiot

Bush is a dumb president

addicted to war

budget deficit

world power, biggest companies, biggest crimes

many dangerous weapons

death penalty, lethal injections, electric chair

ghettoes, racism, street gangs, KKK

know-it-alls, election fraud

low pensions




statue of liberty, Super Bowl, White House, Manhattan, Pentagon

stars and stripes, cowboys, highways

fear, modern and conservative

life in the fast lane

war, hatred, strife, diseases

violence, drugs, poor people

bad English

fast food, bad food, fat food, fat people

American Dream

Disney World, Burger King, McDonalds

Coca-Cola, peanut butter

Hollywood, American music, stars

Baywatch, Broadway, Cadillac, Chevrolet


alligator farms

sky scrapers

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