Glasgow Caledonian University: Logo Development Request

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Glasgow Caledonian University: Logo Development Request

Overview of our brand identity (Please read prior to completing the request form)

This is the University logo:

By using this logo consistently across campus, we can:

  • Build brand awareness of GCU;

  • Reduce any confusion amongst our current and potential customers;

  • Illustrate the community feel of GCU, with all services located under the GCU umbrella; and

  • Suggest a smooth and consistent GCU customer experience.

In order to do this effectively, the logo is required to be clear and legible, with a clear border around it. Additional text should not be added, nor should the logo be edited in any way. Downloadable copies of our logo, in a variety of sizes and formats can be found at:

These are examples of non-permitted variations of the GCU logo.


The University does have 5 sub-identities/logos, namely: London; New York; Business; Alumni; and the Caledonian Club. Each of these sub-identities reflect what we deliver as an organisation to our external stakeholders. Here are our 5 sub-identities/logos:

There is sometimes a need for the 3 schools and research institutes to identify themselves to external audiences. In line with this, the following have been developed:

In all other cases, a sub identity or logo should not be created for any department, project or initiative. It is important that we do not dilute our brand mark by having too many secondary or separate logos. We understand that projects, teams, departments etc. need to build their own awareness and recognition, however, as noted above, the GCU logo should remain as the umbrella brand – especially given its wide spread recognition amongst our target audiences .

Creative devices

In order to assist in building individual recognition and awareness, as part of the GCU brand, we have developed a solution, in the form of creative devices. Where appropriate, a creative device may be developed for a department/project/initiative which may:

  • provide a simple graphic that can be used on all of your materials;

  • raise awareness and build recognition amongst target markets; and

  • identify the department/project/initiative as part of the larger GCU brand (and the value associated with it).

This is an example of a creative device..

It should be used alongside the GCU logo.

And here is how it may be used, alongside your project/department/group.

As you can see, the logo becomes part of the landscape so that the customer’s focus is on the imagery and text/title – drawing attention to the department/project/initiative. However, by including the GCU logo and utilising brand colours, the customer can also readily identify it as part of GCU.

In the event that you feel that a department/project/initiative has a business case for a dedicated logo, please fill in the following form and return to




Please detail the service/project that you would like to request a logo for:

Is there a creative device/personalised artwork in existence (if so, please attach a copy of the device and provide details as to when it was developed and how it has been used to date):

Can you please provide evidence as to the added benefits of having a dedicated logo for the project/service, over and above the GCU wide logo, in combination with a personalised creative device:

Please indicate where the logo would be used and to which audience(s):

Where is logo to be used –

Benefits of having logo to use in this location -

Audience(s) targeting –

Benefits of having logo for this audience(s) –

Please complete and return to

We will respond to all completed applications within 3 working days.

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