Given 'Em Hell, Harry!

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Chapter 27 Study Guide

*  G I Bill of Rights

  *  Given 'Em Hell, Harry!


  *  "whistlestop campaign"

  *  Levittown

  Fair Deal

  *  Jackie Robinson

  *  Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson [IL]

  *  Dixiecrats

  *  I Like Ike!

  *  Gov. Strom Thurmond [SC]

  *  Sen. Richard M. Nixon [CA]

  *  Gov. Thomas E. Dewey [NY]

  Dwight David Eisenhower

*  conglomerate

  *  Brown v. Board of Education
     Topeka, KS

  *  franchise

  *  Dr. Jonas Salk

  *  suburbia


  *  the "American Dream"

  *  planned obsolescence

  Baby Boom

  *  planned obsolescence

  * "Golden Age" of Television

  *  Jack Kerouac

  *  beatnik

  *  rock 'n' roll

  *  Elvis Presley ["The King"]

Guiding Questions

  1. How did the GI Bill of Rights help World War II veterans made the transition to civilian life?

  2. What factors contributed to the American postwar economic boom?

  3. How did President Truman support Civil Rights and what were the results of that support?

  4. What was the "American Dream" in the 1950s?  How did life in the suburbs provide the model for it?

  5. How did women's roles and opportunities in the 1950s differ from women's roles today?

  6. What was "planned obsolescence?"  How did it affect advertising?   consumer buying habits?

  7. What was the "Beat" movement?  How did the values of the beatniks differ from those of mainstream America in the 1950s?

  8. How did many American cities change in the 1950s?

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