Give Me Liberty- chapter 12- an Age of Reform, 1820-1840

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Give Me Liberty- Chapter 12- An Age of Reform, 1820-1840
What were the major movements and goals of the antebellum reform?

  1. The Reform Impulse

    1. According to Tocqueville, in the absence of a powerful national government, how were political and social activities organized? (at least 3 ways)

      1. What were some of the goals of these organizations?

      2. How did they get public support?

    2. What movements were widespread?

    3. What movements lacked support in the south? Why?

    4. What 3 tactics did reformers use to promote social change?

    5. Utopian Communities

      1. Before the civil war about_____ reform communities were established.

      2. Why were they called “utopian”

      3. What did most of these communities set out to do?

        1. What two words entered into politics as a result?

        2. How did they seek to change conventional gender relations and marriage?

    6. The Shakers

      1. At the peak of the Shaker’s settlement in 1840…

        1. Who founded them and why?

      2. What did the shakers believe about God and how did that relate to gender equality?

        1. Describe how men and women lived.

        2. How did they increase in population?

    7. The Mormons’ Trek

      1. Who founded them and why?

      2. What alarmed the neighbors of the Mormons in New York?

        1. Where did the Mormons move?

      3. What did the plight of the Mormons reveal?

    8. Oneida

      1. When, where, and why was it founded?

        1. Describe the society they created including their views on property, marriage and family.

      2. Define eugenics and how it applied to Oneida

    9. Worldly Communities

      1. Explain why these communities were often viewed as “voluntary slavery”

      2. Book Farm- when, where, why and who created it?

        1. What was leisure time devoted to?

        2. Who did it attract?

    10. The Owenites

      1. Who was Robert Owen and why was he important?

        1. What did his society include?

        2. Around 1815-

        3. New Harmony-

        4. Describe how children would be treated/educated.

        5. What did Owen think about women’s rights?

        6. What did the residents fight about?

        7. What movements did Owen’s settlement influence?

      2. Describe the settlements created by Josiah Warren. (Include labor solutions and marriage)

    11. Religion and Reform

      1. What did Americans view the ownership of property as keys to?

        1. What was the foundation of the social order?

      2. What were more popular reform movements?

        1. Where did most of these reform movements draw inspiration?

      3. Define “perfectionism”

      4. Define “burned-over districts”

        1. How did they impact older reform efforts

    12. The Temperance Movement

      1. What did the reform movement demonstrate about the North’s middle class?

      2. American Temperance Society-

        1. By 1840-

    13. Critics of Reform

      1. How did many Americans see the reform movement?

      2. Which groups proved hostile to the reform movements and why?

    14. Reformers and Freedom

      1. Explain how reformers reconciled their desire to create moral order with their quest to enhance personal freedom.

      2. What were religious groups in the East worried about settlers in the West?

        1. What societies were formed as a result?

      3. What influenced the reform movement of the 1830s?

    15. The Invention of the Asylum

      1. During the 1830s and 1840s-

        1. What did these institutions share with communitarians and religious believers?

        2. How were social ills cured?

    16. The Common School

      1. The largest institution before the Civil War was-

        1. How was this different than early 19th century education

      2. Who is Horace Mann and how did he improve education.

        1. What and how did he think education could help society?

          1. How would schools rescue students?

        2. What were some tenants of the “silent curriculum”

      3. How did the common school movement affect women?

      4. Why did the South lag behind the North when it came to education?

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