Giuseppe Mazzini

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Zachary Anderson-Yoxsimer

AP European History P.1

March 27, 2013

Italian Unification

  1. Major People

  • 1) Giuseppe Mazzini- was given the leadership of romantic republican nationalism after failure of nationalist uprisings

  • Founded the Young Italy Society to drive Austria from the peninsula and establish an Italian republic

  • 2) Giuseppe Garibaldi- republican nationalist

  • During his campaign captured Palermo

  • In September 1860, controlled city and kingdom of Naples

  • Nationalism won over his republicanism and accepted Piedmontese domination

  • 3) Count Camillo Cavour- prime minister chosen by Victor Emmanuel I in 1852

  • Began politically as a conservative, but moved slowly towards a moderately liberal position

  • Was nationalist that was a strong monarchist and rejected republicanism

  • Idea was economic and material required a large, unified Italian state

  • Believed that if Italians proved themselves efficient, that the great powers might let Italy govern itself

  • Recognized the need to capture the loyalties of those who believed in other varieties of nationalism

  • Also believed only French intervention could defeat Austria and unite Italy

  • Opposed Mazzini

  • 4) Victor Emmanuel I- appointed Count Cavour

  • 5) Victor Emmanuel II- in March 1861 was proclaimed king of Italy

  • 6) Napoleon III- impressed by Count Cavour’s intelligence and political capacity

  • Saw Piedmont as a potential ally against Austria

  • Plotted with Count Cavour to provoke a war in Italy that would permit them to defeat Austria

  1. Major Terms
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