Giants and Nephilim, Sumerian Myths, and Sea Monsters Question #1

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Question #2: 

I have a simple question but first let me state that from all that I have read and watched on the subject I believe that the Nephilium were hybrid type beings with angelic (fallen angels) as fathers and daughters of men as mothers. The issue I am having is how this is "physically" possible...meaning how did the fallen angels physically consummate their "marriage" resulting in the mothers becoming pregnant with offspring which would become the Nephilium? As you have made clear in your "Satanic Rebellion Series" one of the biggest reasons the fallen angels followed Lucifer was probably the promise of obtaining physical bodies. But without the (excuse the term) but "right equipment" how did these angels physically mate with women WITHOUT a physical body? And before you direct me to the link (section III.1, Satan's antediluvian attack on the purity of the human line [the Nephilim]) I already have read that...twice, but I did not see that particular question addressed. Anyway I was just wondering your take on it. Im about to read the area you have written on the Antichrist actually having the devil as his father (not just spiritually I assume, which is what I always assumed). Maybe that will help answer my question above but just in case I thought Id shoot you a quick email and ask directly. Thank you for always getting back to me not only fairly promptly but also very detailed. I appreciate that very much. We do differ on some things but like I have said before I do so enjoy someone elses mind working like mine to search for the truth in all matters, not just the ones mainstream church thinks to teach upon.

Have you heard of Dr. Chuck Missler and his take on what the Nephilium are? From what I understand he agrees that they are hybrid beings but goes a bit further in a connection with what people have associated to be "aliens" but that these beings are in fact NOT from another planet but inter-dimensional beings demonic in nature. Anyway, it's just interesting to hear others point of view on the subject, no matter how extreme their views may be. I was just wondering your take on his views on this subject. He definitely isnt slack on the amount of time and research he has put in on the subject whether or not it is a correct theory or not. Thanks so much!

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