Giants and Nephilim, Sumerian Myths, and Sea Monsters Question #1

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Question #8:

My friend wrote me this letter on sea serpents and what he believes about them. This is what he wrote:

"I heard a theory about a year or two ago, I think from Hovind or Ham, that they found it funny that for hundreds of years, stories of sea serpents where common and accepted. Then, when ships started using loud engines, and no one saw them anymore, smarty pants people dismissed thousands of sighting as myth from "stupid" people of the past. The theory is that now they avoid ships because of the noise. Keeping this theory in mind, I've collected some past and modern accounts of sea serpents, including some of the latest discoveries of some huge and weird creatures in the last couple years. Did you know something doesn't exist until an egg head at an accredited university says it does? lol."

What do you think?

Response #8:   

The Bible does of course talk about great creatures of the deep. The Hebrew word for these is taniyn, and it is variously translated by the lexicons and dictionaries depending on the context (Gen.1:21; Ex.7:9-12; Deut.32:33; Job 7:12; ; Ps.74:13; 91:13; 148:7; Is.21:7; 51:9; Jer.51:34; Ezek.29:3; 32:2). As you can see from looking at these references (esp. Gen.1:21), rather than being specific the term seems to be somewhat generic, and as such could encompass all manner of giant sea creatures / serpents. Thus the word may comprise only those creatures of which we are aware or it may also include some of which we are presently ignorant (extinct or not). So beyond this, I don't see anything that can be derived specifically from scripture about the existence or non-existence of hypothetical creatures not presently included in the scientific "inventory". You might have a look at the following link as well: "Dragons in the Bible?"

In Jesus,

Bob L.

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