Giants and Nephilim, Sumerian Myths, and Sea Monsters Question #1

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Question #6: 

Hi Dr. Luginbill,

Thank you so much for the reply. But pardon my curious mind about these things:

* 7 tablets of Sumer - 7 days of Creation

* Adapa in Sumer(First Man) - Adam First Man in the Bible

* The Tower of Babel is also mentioned in the Sumerian Text

My other non-related question is: Why did God created a vast Universe and only chose to put life on Earth?-amidst the billion of stars and solar systems out there.

These things were in the Sumerian text long before the Bible. If so, why has God allowed this type of situation wherein most of the things that happened in the Bible, were already written thousands of years ago by the Sumerians.

Please enlighten me on these things.

Very truly,

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