Ghosts of Mississippi What’s it about?

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Ghosts of Mississippi

What’s it about? This is a courtroom drama set around an actual murder case in which a Mississippi racist is tried for a murder allegedly committed some 30 years ago.
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Discussion Questions: Use ONE of the following 3 questions to write a

page discussion paper.

  1. From the movie, you will see how “deep seeded” discrimination continues to be in Southern United States. Give 5 examples of discrimination plus the consequences of the discrimination that are seen in the movie.

  1. Perseverance for justice is one theme for this movie. Discuss - Is it ever too late to do the right thing? All accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial. Because this takes place 30 years later, should the justice system let a person get away with murder? He’s already had 1 trial and was found innocent.

  1. Personal feelings of guilt – what does this say about the person De La Beckwith? How could anyone (yourself included) be able to continue living your life - as if nothing ever happened - when you’ve murdered another person? Put yourself in his position. Could you be so blowsy about murder?

You MUST do this question:
In a few paragraphs, talk about discrimination in Canada. Can you give an example(s) of discrimination? Is it more in schools, on the streets, in neighborhoods, certain parts of Canada, etc.?
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