Ghosts of Indians & Custers Cavalry Still Stalk Battlefield Written by Greg Hogan, Sr as told by Etheline Hogan Stevenson

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Ghosts of Indians & Custers Cavalry Still Stalk Battlefield

Written by Greg Hogan, Sr as told by Etheline Hogan Stevenson

This is a story told and written by my Aunt in her own words, Etheline Hogan Stevenson my father’s sister.

The site of Custer’s last stand is haunted by the ghost of Indian warriors and the legendary Gen. Custer himself, say witnesses and historians.

I have seen the ghosts of two mounted Indian warriors at the battlefield, said National Park Service Guide, Mardell Hogan Plain Feather, A Crow Indian whose ancestors fought in the famed massacre on the Montana plain, known as Little Big Horn. They were ghosts of that long ago day, when hundreds died.

It was in 1876 that about 210 men of the U.S. Cavalry (7th) under the command of the colorful Gen. George Armstrong Custer died in a murderous assault by thousands of Indian warriors about 40 Indians also died at Little Big Horn and today the site is a national monument.

Noted historian Charles Kuhlman who did extensive research at the battle site, said he had actually spoken with the ghost of Custer according to Dr. Donald Rickey a retired government historian who also worked at the site. I ask Kuhlman how he obtained his information and he told me I have been in touch with Custer’s spirit up on the ridge where he died, said Rickey.

Rev. Morley Langdon a missionary who operates the First Crow Baptist church in Lodge Grass, Mont. Said people don’t want to talk about it, but you hear various stories of Custer being seen riding through the hills at the head of his column of Cavalry. I’ve heard that he’s been seen at the battlefield area. Park Service Guide, James Thompson said; we have some blood stained clothing from the soldiers who were killed here. We keep it in a vault. I was looking it over one day, my scalp started to prickle, I felt a surge of sheer terror and despair going through me. I’m convinced that I was getting psychic echo of some soldier, and James Cowit (?) site superintendent at the battlefield said, there is something strange going on in the whole area.

One tourist from New Orleans reportedly disappeared mysteriously for several hours then suddenly appeared again. He was shocked and said he’d been transported back to the time of the battle in 1876.

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