Get Connected! New Markets, Audiences, and Perspectives in Exhibition Exchange

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Get Connected! New Markets, Audiences, and Perspectives in Exhibition Exchange


The 2015 ICEE Annual Conference will take place in Cape Town, South Africa, from November 17-19, 2015.
On November 16th ICOM South Africa and the South African Museums Association arrange in co-operation with the ICEE a joint workshop entitled Exhibition Exchange Futures for South Africa on November 16, 2015.
Please find below the call for papers for both events! Conference and joint workshop registration to open shortly.

Through this year's conference theme Get Connected! New Markets, Audiences, and Perspectives in Exhibition Exchange the International Committee for Exhibition Exchange will provide opportunities for exhibition professionals around the world to exchange ideas, challenges and best practices concerning the development of new markets, new audiences and new perspectives in the world of touring exhibitions.

Our 2015 conference programme will feature thought provoking keynotes, inspiring conference sessions, and behind-the-scenes tours and will also include the ever-popular Market Place of Exhibitions and Ideas.

We invite proposals submissions that explore the following topics:

New Markets in Exhibition Exchange:

The market for touring exhibitions is diverse and unpredictable. Market segmentation and analysis are now essential components of every marketing plan for touring exhibitions, but the lack of consistent business models for touring exhibitions represents a challenge for museums and traveling exhibition services. How can we identify new markets for exhibition exchange? Are the existing partnership models (museum to museum, cultural-commercial, international collaborations) a way to build business networks?

New Audiences in Exhibition Exchange:

The success of exhibitions often depends on a clear understanding of target audiences, yet this can be challenging in the touring exhibitions environment.  Do traveling exhibitions demand flexibility in the light of different audiences and/or different museum goals around the world? What is the role of marketing to attract new audiences? Can we produce exhibitions on demand, also for an international market?

New Perspectives in Exhibition Exchange:

The world of touring exhibitions is an ever-changing one. In order to keep in step with the demands of audiences, meet the needs of institutional goals and financial realities and stay relevant, touring exhibitions must constantly innovate and evolve. What innovative ideas have been most successful in your experience with touring exhibitions? Which ideas weren't so successful?  How have you tried to foster innovation and new perspectives in the development of your organization's touring exhibitions?

The 2015 ICEE Annual Conference will accept proposals in the following formats:

a.     Paper-20 minute presentation relating to one of the key conference themes. (Please note that papers will be considered individually and may be asked to present alongside another proposed paper to form a conference panel at the discretion of the ICEE)

b.     Case Study-30 minute presentation focused on an actual situation or particular project, development, implementation and outcomes, as well as key learnings.
Priority will be given to proposals that are relevant to the 3 key themes above, are clear and well developed and confirm a commitment to present a thoughtful and engaging session.
Proposals must include the following information:

*         Contact Information-Name, title, Institution, Address and Email

*         One-page concise summary of the proposed session including:

o    Proposed session title

o    Session format (paper or case study)

o    Identification of corresponding conference theme (New Markets, New Audiences or New Perspectives in Exhibition Exchange)

o    Session description (no longer than 300 words)

o    Identification of key learning outcome for conference participants (What will participants take away from your session?)

Please submit your proposals no later than Friday, June 19th, 2015, to
Please note that the ICEE is unable to provide session speakers with travel funds, honorariums or allowances.  ICEE will provide a 25% discount on registration fees to chosen speakers.
Questions? Please contact Anne-Marie Raymond at or Marlies Kleiterp at


The Workshop Exhibition Exchange Futures for South Africa will be arranged on 16 November 2015 at District Six Museum, Buitekant Street, Cape Town
South African museums have enjoyed the benefit of exhibition exchanges with museums internationally. These have been rare and only a few exchanges have developed into continuous long term associations and further regular exhibition exchanges occurring. Nationally there have been some exhibition exchanges but no regular programme exists.

With its incredibly diverse cultural and natural heritage collection SA Museum should be fertile sources for the development of exhibitions and potentially attractive partners for exhibition exchanges locally and internationally. Logistic and financial constrains often hamper the realisation of such exhibitions and exchanges.  Under these circumstances is vital for South African museum to collaborate to enable them to become participants in exchanges with institutions locally and internationally.

Presentations of no longer than 10 minutes analysing and discussion past experiences, current and future projects are invited to initiate a discussion which may culminate in the establishment of an ICOM facilitated grouping of persons and organisations to actively promote and facilitate exhibition exchanges locally and internationally.
Please submit your proposals no later than Friday, June 19th, 2015, to The proposals should include:

*         Contact information: Name, title, Institution, Address and Email

*         Description of proposed presentation (no longer than 300 words)

For enquiries contact Helene Vollgraaff at or Catherine Snel at

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