Gestione Esperienze Internazionali

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Gestione Esperienze Internazionali

Info courses LUISS 1415

Rome, November 2013
LUISS Guido Carli University – Rome - Italy

Name of University

LUISS Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli

Erasmus Code


Website of University

Courses available to exchange students:

Language of instruction

Italian and English

University structure
Undergraduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Department of Law

3 + 2 - according to the Bologna system
Three-year Bachelor’s Degree Programmes (180 ECTS credits)

Two-year Master’s Degree Programmes (120 ECTS credits)

Five years Single Cycle Graduate Programme (300 ECTS credits)

ECTS credits

LUISS university credits are ECTS credits

1 credit is equivalent to 25 hours of study

Attendance of courses

Full-time attendance of courses is compulsory

Average workload

The average work load for LUISS students is about 30 ECTS credits per semester, including language courses.
Incoming students are advised not to take more than 24 credits.

Three courses per semester is the average workload for full-time study. Students can take more if their language competence is very good.

Minimum requirements

It is a responsibility of the home Institution but exchange students should take at least one course.

Courses exchange students can take

Exchange students will be given access to all the courses at Bachelor and / or Master, as long as they have the necessary prerequisites and do not have time-table clashes.

The Master courses are at advanced level and students should have the required background and very good language competences.

Courses and programs in English

Erasmus and Exchange students will be allowed to attend the courses in English offered in the following programmes, according to their academic background and English language proficiency:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics

  • Master’s Degree in Management

  • Master’s Degree in Financial Economics

  • Master’s Degree in International Relations

  • The courses in English offered by the Department of law

Optional courses

Optional courses in all Departments will be offered only if a sufficient number of students register for the courses.

Cross-faculty and / or

Cross-program enrolment

Incoming Exchange students will be given access to all the courses in the LUISS Departments of Business and Management, Economics and Finance, Political Science and Law, at Bachelor and /or Master level.

Students must have the required pre-requisites and avoid time-table clashes.

The Department of Law

The Department of Law is a five year single cycle degree program. The courses in the fourth and fifth years of study are more advanced.

The courses offered in English are open to exchange students.

Restricted courses

School of Government programs

EU Studies master

One year Master programs

School of Journalism programs

Post-graduate and PhD courses

LUISS Business School and MBA Programs

Course descriptions

Course descriptions can be found at

From Cattedre on-line ® name of the professor or of the subject ® cerca
If you do not find some course descriptions it means they are new subjects and they not available yet.

Italian language courses

Crash course held in September

Semester courses

LUISS offers an Italian language crash course in September and extensive courses in both semesters for guest students who have been admitted to attend a period of study at LUISS, under an exchange programme (LLP Erasmus or Bilateral Agreement).

The courses are at three levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced and are free of charge for the students.

In order to obtain the certificate for the course and gain 3 ECTS credits, students must attend at least 75 % of the classes and comply with the course requirements.
The courses will have three hours of classes per week in each semester. The students that attend the courses and comply with the requirements will receive a certificate and gain 3 ECTS credits, per semester.

LUISS language requirements for exchange students:

LUISS student exchange agreements are based on mutual trust in selecting students and language proficiency certified by each Home Institution.

Students selected for an exchange should have a good knowledge of the language of instruction of the Host university.

With most of our partners we have agreed that the language proficiency will be certified by each home university confirming the level is adequate and students will not be required to submit an official language test result for the exchange programme.
From our partner Universities with whom we have not agreed on a language certificate waiver we will require proof of language proficiency for English and or Italian language to study at LUISS.
Non-native speakers of English and or Italian should provide the following proof of proficiency.

For Italian:

Bachelor Level

A minimum of B1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or equivalent.

Master Level

A minimum of B2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or equivalent.

Italian language proficiency can be certified by the Home university.

For English one of the following certificates:

IELTS score a minimum of 6

TOEFL IBT score a minimum of 79/80

Cambridge – CAE Level - grade B

IELTS and TOEFL tests taken more than two years ago are no longer valid.

Academic offer at Bachelor and Master level a. y. 2014-2015

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