Germany Today 2015

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Germany Today 2015
Institutions of Higher Education and their Internationalization Strategies

(Frankfurt, Berlin, Dresden)
June 14 – June 20, 2015
DAAD invites representatives from universities, research institutions, and funding agencies in the United States and Canada, as well as colleagues from the fields of education policy and politics to join us for our “Germany Today” Information Tour 2015.
DAAD’s information tour “Germany Today 2015” is designed to give participants both a broader overview of Germany’s higher education landscape and a more in-depth understanding of recent developments on the government level as well as within individual institutions. We will discuss funding opportunities, internationalization strategies, and the potential for co-operation between German and North American institutions.
On this trip, we will visit Frankfurt, Berlin and Dresden. Frankfurt University and Freie Universität Berlin will share with our group their experience with one of DAAD’s newest and largest funding programs, “Strategic Partnerships and Thematic Networks”. At Technical University Dresden –we will learn about the role of strategic partnerships for the development of the high level research projects the university is pushing forward. While in Dresden, the group will also visit the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft which belongs to the Universities of Applied Sciences “Fachhochschulen”. Their particular strengths is a strong practical orientation which makes them very attractive for employers. Besides strategic partnerships we will also cover other topics currently of relevance for German institutions of higher education and research, including training of doctoral candidates in structured PhD programs, the increasing importance of third party funding in research, student and researcher mobility.
At various times during this week, the group will meet additional guests, from the political sphere, from independent research institutes, and from industry, and with ample time for discussion.
The program will be interactive: Our hosts will provide valuable insights into their activities, and you will be asked to share your perspective and expertise with them.
Information provided during this week will include:

  • An overview of Germany’s higher education and research systems

  • Specific examples of recent developments in higher education in Germany

  • Insights into universities’ institutional internationalization strategies

  • A thorough analyses of best practice examples.”- from economics, the humanities and the natural sciences

  • Details about select BA and MA programs at recognized universities and universities of applied science

  • PhD programs/training, and transatlantic mobility

North American participants in this program are typically senior administrators at leading universities in the U.S. and Canada (such as vice presidents for international affairs or heads of international offices), policy makers in federal and state/provincial governments or associations, and other experts in the higher education field.

The program will be in English. Program-related costs in Germany (accommodation, domestic travel, most meals) will be covered by DAAD. The program officially starts in Frankfurt am Main (where Germany’s biggest international airport is located; a European hub for many airlines) on Sunday afternoon, June 14, 2015 and ends with a dinner on Friday evening, June 19, in Dresden. The night from Friday, June 19, through Saturday, June 20, is still booked and covered by DAAD in our hotel in Dresden (including breakfast).
Intercontinental travel is at the participant’s expense. Applicants must have U.S./Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, and have special interest in Germany and transatlantic co-operation, and a relevant professional position. They should not have recently participated in another information trip to Germany.

Applications – ideally as one pdf-document - must be received by March 6, 2015. Please contact Ms. Uta Gaedeke at DAAD’s New York Office at 212-758-3223 x209 or at for further information.
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