Germany auswärtiges Amt – Federal Foreign Office

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Auswärtiges Amt – Federal Foreign Office

This website explains logistic questions like: which visa do I need to work in Germany, who is eligible to work in Germany, traineeships and studying in Germany. It is also filled with links to all the of the topics above for more detailed search.

Ratgeber arbeiten in Deutschland – Guidebook Working in Germany

This guidebook is offered by the German employment agency and some German ministries. It offers detailed answers to questions about tax, insurance, social security, chances for family members, living situation and much more. It basically explains “how to make it” in Germany


Arbeitgeberbund – Employers Federation$file/ArbeitsbedingungeninDeutschland.pdf

Overview over the working conditions in Germany.

Career network website. Offering a search machine for jobs but also information about how to work in Germany.

Website of the „Federal Agency of Migration and Fugitives“. Explains the legal requirements of working and living in Germany .

Website made by the „Interior Ministry“. Answers FAQs about aliens law.

Website made by the „Ministry of Education“ about the topic appreciation and recognition in Germany.

A network for living and working in Germany and Europe.

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