German and italian unification test review

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  1. Under Bismarck, Germany took a pioneering role in

  2. The Revolution of 1905 led to

  3. Which of the following was a result of the Franco-Prussian War?

  4. Which of the following contributed to Germany’s growth as an industrial power under Bismarck?

  5. The Revolution of 1905 broke out as a result of

  6. Which of the following made Italy hard to unite into a single country?

  7. The Kulturkampf refers to Bismarck’s attempt to

  8. Which of the following was the greatest obstacle to change in Russia in the 1800s?

  9. After 1848, the struggle to unite Italy was led by (a state)

  10. Cavour entered Sardinia in the Crimean War in order to

  11. Bismarck unified Germany mostly through the use of

  12. Garibaldi’s main contribution to the unification of Italy was

  13. When Bismarck announced that German goals would be achieved “not with speeches and majority decisions…but with blood and iron,” he meant that

  14. Prussia was eager to go to war with France in 1870 because it

  15. The principle barrier to Italian unification was

  16. A similarity between Sardinia and Prussia was that

  17. Which of the following was a result of the Franco-Prussian War?

  18. William II of Germany pursued a foreign policy aimed at

  19. What was Bismarck’s foreign policy goal concerning the French?

  20. The major threat to the Hapsburg Empire came from

  21. A turning point in Russian history occurred in 1861 when Alexander Ii

  22. Peter Stolypin first tried to restore order in Russia after the revolution through

  23. Sardinia was able to defeat Austria and annex Lombardy with the help of the

  24. Bismarck moved Prussia and France toward war by

  25. The constitution of the Second Reich set up a two-house legislature that

  26. Nationalism posed the biggest threat to which of the following? (countries)

  27. The Kingdom of Italy established in March 1861 did not include


Otto von Bismarck William I Giuseppe Mazzini Giuseppe Garibaldi

Count Camilo Cavour Francis Joseph Victor Emmanuel II Alexander II

Nicholas I Alexander III Nicholas II Francis Deak

Gulag Russification pogroms anachists

Realpolitik Napoleon III zollverein

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