Georgetown University English 092 (Fall 2012) Literary History II professor Brian Hochman

Assignment 3 – “Revisionist” Essay (due 12/6, 9:30 AM)

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Assignment 3 – “Revisionist” Essay (due 12/6, 9:30 AM): Choose a representative passage (1-2 prose paragraphs or poetic stanzas) from the work of an author on our syllabus who wrote before 1900. Rewrite this passage as you imagine another author on our syllabus might have written it, preferably an author who wrote after 1900. Reproduce both passages at the beginning of your paper, the original version and the “revised” version, and then write a 5-6 page essay comparing the styles of both authors. What sorts of choices did you find yourself making in the revision process? What stylistic elements—diction, syntax, etc.—did you need to change? What remained the same or “stuck” in translation? Most importantly: how do the continuities and discontinuities between your two passages (and your two authors) reflect continuities and discontinuities across discrete moments in literary history?

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