“George Washington’s Presidency: 1789-1797” Big 10 +6

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Chp b Pgs 200-208
Period 3: 1754-1800
Launching a New Ship of State
Tarred and feathered revenue o cers
Result: George Washington led a militia of New Government Commanded anew respect
10A Big 10 continued
10) Hamilton’s Economic Programs What are the 4 parts Which people were against?
The Assumption - Have the federal government assume the state debts of the war
Tari s - Generate Revenue via Tari sand also protect manufacturing industries
Generate Revenue via taxes (Excise Taxon whiskey)
Establish the BUS to generate more revenue
The South, Farmers, and Anti-Federalists
11) What were the st 2 political parties in America formed around 1793? Name people in each party.
Federalist Party - Hamilton and Adams
Democratic-Republican Party - Je erson and Madison) The French Revolution Which Americans became very against France (the French Revolution Which Americans regretted the bloodshed, but still supported France?
Hamilton/Federalists were against France Je erson/Antifederalists were for France) Which Americans wanted to support France in France’s war with Britain How did Washington respond to the 1793 war between France + Britain?
Je erson/Antifederalists were for France Washington responded with the neutrality Proclamation of 1793 - Crated a century of isolationism to come, ending in the Spanish American war) Name 2 things the British were doing on America’s Canadian border that upset Americans Name 2 things the British were doing on the high seas (their navy) to Americans?
Stayed in North America for the fur trade contradictory to the treaty of Paris
Sold Firearms to Indians who continued to attack Americans) Jay’s Treaty Which country with 3 results Who is unhappy with the Treaty?
Treaty with Britain in Britain Promised to remove troops from the US. soil
Britain agreed to pay damages to the US for recent ship seizures
Britain Did not agree to stop supplying arms to the British
Key Concept Spain Allows Pickney’s Treaty of 1795 (Spain Granted the US all of what we wanted)
Free Navigation of the Mississippi river
Gained control of the disputed territory north of Florida) Describe Washington’s Neutrality Proclamation”.
Neutrality Proclamation of 1793 was a document that declared American neutrality in the world conflict and to be impartial to both sides, which begins the isolationist tradition that the US Would Follow for the next century

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