“George Washington’s Presidency: 1789-1797” Big 10 +6

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Chp a Pgs 189-200
Period 3: 1754-1800
Launching a New Ship of State
“George Washington’s Presidency 1789-1797”
Big 10 +6:
Name 2 economic problems the country was facing when it was launched in Not much internal revenue - no power to tax
Public debt was high instates from the war
Too much paper money - Hyperinflation
Key Concept Alexander Hamilton Aided in helping America out of the economic low) What is the Cabinet Name the 3 people and their departments GW appointed to lead his Cabinet Depts.
Secretary of State - Thomas Je erson
Secretary of Treasury - Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of War - Henry Knox
Key Concept George Washington was unanimously elected president by the electoral college in 1789 - Although not brilliant, was a great leader) Which people were disappointed a Bill of Rights was not added to the original Constitution?
Antifederalists- Wanted guaranteed rights such as freedom of religion and trial by jury) What was the 10th Amendment?
Key concept First Ten Amendments were added to the constitution in 1791 as the bill of rights. Congress also passed the judiciary act of 1789, Which organized the supreme court and other federal and circuit courts.
All rights not in the constitution were preserved for the states) Hamilton’s fiscal policies favored which group of people Describe his assumption program.
Favored the propertied classes (Thought they must be protected)
The assumption was that the federal government should assume the state debts from the revolution
Key concept Rivalry developed between Hamilton and Je erson (Leading Antifed) but cut a deal in 1790 that the
Federal government would assume state debt and the new capital would be moved to the south (DC. The national debt reached $75 million by 1790.
6) Name 2 of the ways Hamilton generated revenue for the govt to payoff the debt?
Tari revenues (Customs Duties)
The goal was to Protect American manufacturing industries
Excise Tax - Taxon whiskey distillers) What was the BUS What was its purpose Why was Jefferson against it What clause in the Constitution justified its legality?
BUS = Bank of the US
The private institution where the government would be the major stockholder (modeled after the Bank of
Bank would print money when needed (as e ective as grabbing water to hold onto when you’re falling in the shower- there was no reference to the BUS in the Constitution, leading some to question the legality of the Bank
Je erson (Against BUS, Antifeds) wanted a strict interpretation of the constitution, Hamilton (For BUS, Feds)
wanted a loose interpretation of the constitution- passed by congress in Necessary and proper clause) The Whiskey Rebellion When/Where/Cause/Result?
1794, Backcountry of Pennsylvania
Cause: Farmers could make more money if they distilled crops into whiskey, State taxed this to get out of debt, farmers don’t like this

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