George Washington

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George Washington:
1. Everything President Washington did set a precedent for later American Presidents. Which area of presidential precedent have historians determined to be his most significant precedent?

A) Providing for civilian control of the military

B) Nominations to the Supreme Court

C) Exert effective control over organization of Congress

D) Establishment of the presidential cabinet

E) Establish the existence and function of political parties

2. Which of the following presidential advisers to Washington is mis-matched with the function he performed in the Washington Administration?

A) Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State?

B) Alexander Hamilton as Treasury Secretary

C) Henry Know as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

D) Benjamin Franklin as Postmaster General

E) John Adams as Vice President

3. George Washington immediately added an innovation to the new government by “interpreting” the new Constitution to provide for…

A) Veto power

B) Annual budget

C) State of the Union Address

D) Provide for Executive Privilege

E) Provide for Presidential Cabinet

4. Alexander Hamilton became the financial wizard of the Washington Administration by recommending several economic moves. Among these was a bill of assumption to be paid by 8% tariff and…

A) Raising the prices on western land sales

B) Excise tax on whiskey production

C) Income tax on the very wealthy

D) Head tax on slaves sold at auction

E) Selling surplus military equipment from the Revolution

5. In Washington’s “Farewell Address to the Nation” he pointed warned against the…

A) establishment of permanent alliances with foreign nations.

B) the evils of society which provided for permanent slavery

C) the right to vote for women and women and minorities

D) the evils of revolution

E) the establishment of sectionalism over national unity.

John Adams:
6. John Adams played a major role in ALL OF THE FOLLOWING EVENTS EXCEPT:

A) Delegate to the Declaration of Independence

B) Serving as cabinet member to George Washington

C) Leader of the Constitutional Convention

D) Vice President of the U.S.

E) Signed the Alien & Seditions Acts into law during his administration

7. Which of the following treaties was the one in which the resolution of the Revolution of 1800 was made under the leadership of John Adams?

A) Treaty of Joinville

B) Treaty of Boudreaux

C) Treaty of Reims

D) Treaty of Mortefontaine

E) Treaty of Paris 1803

8. John Adams held a firm, consistent, and almost blind proclivity for which of the following nations of Europe?

A) Great Britain

B) Spain

C) France

D) Italy

E) Germany

9. Which of the following exclamations did John Adams give voice when he heard about the XYZ Affair?

A) “We will not be held with hoops of steel to the anarchy of the French!”

B) “These are times that try men’s souls!”

C) “Caesar had his Brutus, and Napoleon may have his Robespierre!”

D) “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country!”

E) “We will spend millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!”

10. The two issues that faced John Adams during his Presidential Administration were the Alien & Sedition Acts and…

A) French Revolution

B) Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

C) Assassination of Alexander Hamilton

D) Establishment of the Whiskey Tax

E) The Embargo Act

Thomas Jefferson:
11. Thomas Jefferson’s vision of the good society included ALL OF THE FOLLOWING EXECPT:

A) An agrarian society

B) A citizenry of virtuous independent farmers

C) A national government with limited powers

D) An economy that relied on the national government to provide subsidies

E) A society based upon education, agriculture, and politics.

12. The issue upon which Jefferson changed his view of strict construction of the Constitution was:

A) The Lewis and Clark Expedition and Louisiana Purchase

B) The issues involving slavery in 1808

C) The conflicts of opinions he had with Chief Justice John Marshall

D) The destruction of the national bank by Albert Gallatin

E) The writing of the Declaration of Independence
13. According to Thomas Jefferson, which of the following was most vital to the security of the United States in 1803?

A) Cuba

B) Nova Scotia

C) New Orleans

D) Florida

E) Columbia River

14. In his first inaugural address Jefferson was pledged to the task of

A) Strengthening the military

B) Jailing all subversives of the government of the U.S.

C) Repudiating the debt of the United States

D) Reconciling political differences with the Federalists

E) Sponsoring the Lewis and Clark Expedition

15. The unforeseen relocation of power within the Federal Government came as the result of…

A) Fletcher vs Peck

B) Cherokee Nation vs Georgia

C) Dartmouth College vs Woodward

D) Gibbons vs Ogden

E) Marbury vs Madison

James Madison:
16. In which of the following events does James Madison, NOT play a major and determinative role?

A) Participant in the Presidents cabinet

B) A Justice of the Supreme Court

C) Architect of the Constitution of 1787

D) A major leader of Congress until the Revolution of 1800

E) An author of the Federalist Papers

17. A rising new young and dynamic group of men elected to Congress while Madison was the President included ALL EXCEPT:

A) Daniel Webster

B) Henry Clay

C) Andrew Jackson

D) John C. Calhoun

E) Felix Grundy

18, Which of the following was NOT a unique long range cause of the War of 1812?

A) Rise of slavery

B) Imperialism

C) Indian relations on the frontier

D) Impressment

E) Anti-Spanish ethnicity

19. What diplomatic conference ended the War of 1812 and thus achieved American nationalism from Britain, once and for all.

A) Treaty of Joinville

B) Treaty of Ghent

C) Treaty of San Idelfonso

D) Treaty of Paris 1815

E) Treaty of Chapultepec

20. Which of the following events expressed dissatisfaction with the War of 1812, and can be called the first American anti-war movement?

A) Treaty of Greenville

B) Treaty of Paris – 1815

C) Hartford Convention

D) Seneca Falls Convention

E) Port Huron Statement

James Monroe:
21. Which of the following events or developments happen while James Monroe was President, but, which he had very little to with their development? Which is the lone EXCEPTION to this assertion?

A) McCulloch vs Maryland

B) Development of the American System

C) Missouri Compromise

D) Dartmouth College vs Woodward

E) Recognition of Latin American Independence movements

22. The Monroe Doctrine was issued in response to

A) the threat of war with England

B) the threat of war with Austria

C) the purchase of Florida

D) the invention of the cotton gin

E) the threat of the Quadruple Alliance to reestablish Spanish Power in the Americas

23. The Monroe Doctrine, which has been the foundation of American foreign policy, was brilliant bold step taken by which of the following secretaries of state?

A) Thomas Jefferson

B) James Madison

C) James Monroe

D) John Quincy Adams

E) Henry Clay

24. The Monroe Administration was called “The Era of Good Feelings” because of

A) the absence of sectionalism

B) the dominance of one major party

C) the absence of political strife

D) the lack of important national issues

E) the disappearance of slavery on the national scene

  1. D

  2. C

  3. E

  4. B

  5. A

  6. B

  7. D

  8. A

  9. E

  10. B

  11. D

  12. A

  13. C

  14. C

  15. E

  16. B

  17. C

  18. E

  19. B

  20. C

  21. E

  22. E

  23. D

  24. B

  25. C

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