George pete caleodis

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Gail Marx - 7949 Grey Teal St.

AEA/AFTRA/SAG-E Daily Talent Agency (702) 642-3038

North Las Vegas, NV 89084

“Wicked Business” Frederick the Jerk Boss Xcursion Productions, Columbus 2006

“Mrs. Stevens Hears The Mermaids” British Psychiatrist Mrs. Stevens Productions, Cols 2004

“Death4Told – The Psychic” Marty the Loser Fearmakers Productions, Cols 2003

Will Work For Food” Van Driver Factory Made Films, Cleveland 2003

“Martians From Venus” Union Watchdog AGES Productions, Cleveland 2003

New World” Egomaniacal Zen Dictator Sonnyboo Productions, Columbus 2000

“Going Corporate” Creepy Genuis Silver Gecko Productions, Cols 2000

“Goodnight, Cleveland” Lead Role Slipshod Productions, Columbus OH

Snakes And Arrows” Extra Blue Arm Productions, Columbus 1996
“In The Soup” Bubba the Truck Driver Golden Griffin Prodctns, Hollywood 2007
“Sweeney Todd – Teaser” Bamford’s shadow The Picture Mill, Hollywood 2007

“Face-to-Feet” awkward David A&S Productions, Hollywood 2007

“Spotlight Stories” Self MaloneComedy, Johnstown OH 2006

“Four Dollars” Weatherman Jim Storm Klown Films, Galion OH 2005

“Always Late” Maurice the Maitre ‘d 3.2 Million Miles Prd., Columbus 2004

“Chicken, Huh?” voice of the dog Medusa Head Prd., Columbus 2004

“Grudge Match” Psychiatrist SLM Films, Columbus 2004

“Liscence Exam” Confused Man Sonnyboo Productions, Columbus 2004

“1-800-STALK4U” Hired Stalker Out Of Our Heads, Columbus 2004

“Sherman Learns Oxymorons” Kid Show Host Out Of Our Heads, Columbus 2004

Hippie Highway” Heavy Metal Dude SLM Films, Columbus 2004

“MulleeHair Band Guitarist Palmieri Productions, Cleveland 2003

“Sketchcetera” several varied roles Sonnyboo Productions, Columbus 2002

“Spotless” Janitor/High School Outcast Xcursion Productions, Columbus 2002

“One Square Block” Escaped Convict 7M Productions, Columbus 2001

Dude’s On First” Lou Slipshod Productions, Columbus 2001

Ill-tempered Yuppie Sonnyboo Productions, Columbus 2000
“Virginia TRAFFIX” S.O.V. disorder sufferer Pulsar Advertising, L.A. 2007

“Wheel Of Fortune – Local Promos” contestant Todd Edge Creative, L.A. 2007 “” NY sports trash talker Attention Span Media, L.A., 2007

“SMARTS Second City Promos” Self Adelphia Cable, Cleveland OH, 2002

“Value City – Back Ease System” Caveman SOS Productions, Columbus OH, 2000 “Chiquita Brands – Handling” Produce Manager OTT Communic., Louisville KY, 2000

“Nationwide Warehouse/Grand” Shifty Garage Sale Guy SOS Productions, Columbus OH, 2000

“Argosy Casino – 10/5 Training” The Crocodile Hunter Horizon Productions, Cincinnati, 2000

“Marketing Training CD ROM” Young Executive Horizon Productions, Columbus, 2000

“Jegs –” Factory Worker Horizon Video, Columbus, OH, 2000

“Federated Stores - Email Ethics” The Competitor Federated Stores, Cincinnati OH, 1999

“Big/Odd Lots Furniture” Nutty Professor/College Jock SOS Productions, Columbus OH, 1998

“Kids Club Host Transition” “Sunny” George WWHO, Chillicothe OH, 1997

“Slipshod Theatre Extravaganza” The Maitre d’ Slipshod Productions, Columbus 1996

Air/Production Staff WWCD 101.1FM Columbus OH, 2/00–7/01, 2/04–10/05
Spaceship Earth Ancient Greek Teacher Disney Imagineering, L.A. 2007

North Pittsburgh Telephone Annoying Neighbor The Reel Thing, Cleveland, OH 2003

Longaberger Gifts, Inc. Announcer Magnetic Studios, Columbus, OH, 2001

Charles Penzone Announcer Zero Base Adv., Columbus OH, 2000

Dominion Homes Expectant Father Dominion Homes, Columbus OH, 1999

Cashland Anxious Husband/Rural Guy Willis Case Harwood, Dayton OH, ‘99

The Informants” Call-In Trivia Game Show Host WCBE 90.5 FM, Columbus, 6/94-9/95

Huntington Bank of Central Florida Zero Base Advertising Autumn 1999

Media One Zero Base Advertising Summer 1998

Medical Brochure Morton White Photography Spring 1998
“Big News” weekly sketch comedy actor/writer/graphics/director IO West, Hollywood, CA Aug06-present

“Easily Distracted” sketch comedy actor/writer McCadden, Hollywood, CA Mar07-pres

“Mountain Girl” w/ Judy Tenuta 3 varieties of redneck Whitefire, Sherman Oaks, CA 2007

“Comedioso Deliciosos” sketches turtle/boss/Lex Luthor/rave guy Next Stage, Hollywood, CA, 2006

“Gluttony” Mad Scientist MadLab, Columbus, OH, 2004

“The Jungle” Fast-talking Salesman in Love MadLab, Columbus, OH, 2000

An O. Henry Christmas” Vendor, Butler, Grogan, Premiere Playhouse, Columbus 1995 Stuffy, Shady Character

A Comic Betrothal” Bailiff Hillel House, Columbus, OH, 1988

Moonchildren” Uncle Murray Strollers Student Theatrics, OSU, 1988

Keyboard, Piano, Guitar

Greek Language

Line Producer/Score/Script Consultant “Goodnight, Cleveland”

Producer/Call Screener “The Informants”

Performance Troupes: The Big Blue – IO West Hollywood, CA

Edmund Serves Coffee – Second City Alumni Hollywood, CA

iGroup Hollywood, CA

The Jane Campbells Hollywood, CA

The Normals Hollywood, CA

Waiters In Training Hollywood, CA

Johnny LongForm Columbus, OH

The Boss Players Columbus, OH

Out Of Our Heads Columbus, OH

The Second City, Cleveland, Main Stage April 2002–March 2003

Something Dada Cleveland, OH

The Slipshod Theatre Company Columbus, OH

Midwest Comedy Tool & Die Columbus, OH
Improvisation instructor: Creative Director, Out Of Our Heads Sept 2003 – April 2005

Coach, “Grudge Match”, SLM Films Columbus, OH 2004

The Second City, Cleveland May 2001 – March 2003

The Columbus Filmmakers’ Consortium Sept 2001 – Sept 2002

Private Group Instruction Sept 2002 – present

Point-Of-No-Return, Akron, OH

The Originals, Phoenix, AZ

Teambuilding/Communication Skills Workshops

Lazarus, Easton Town Centre, Columbus, OH April 2003

Woodward Park Middle School, Columbus, OH April 2003

GSW Advertising, Westerville, OH Nov 2003, May 2004

Optimum Print Solutions, Columbus, OH Jan 2004

WWCD, CD101, 101.1 FM, Columbus, OH Feb 2005

Columbus State CC Strategic Enrollment, Columbus OH April 2005
Improvisation/acting training: IO West Harold training – Level 4 Eric Hunicutt
The Second City, Cleveland, Conservatory graduate 2001

Conservatory – 2 Maria Corell Conservatory – 4 Fred Gloor

Conservatory – 3 Mitchell Fields Conservatory – 5 Bob Ellis
The Second City, Cleveland - Improv for Actors Program

Improv for Actors – 1 Jack Bronis Improv for Actors – 4 Mitchell Fields

Improv for Actors – 2 Margaret Exner Improv for Actors – 5 Maria Corell

Improv for Actors – 3 Margaret Exner Improv for Actors – 4 Bob Ellis

Something DADA Cleveland, OH

ensemble training Mitchell Fields

Mitchell Fields - Scene Study Cleveland, OH

Paul Sills’ - Intro to Improv Minneapolis Improv Festival


Opening Performances:

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Diane Alimo)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Dave Attel)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Steven Barkley)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Todd Barry)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (John Bowman)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Dan Bradley)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (John Caponera)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Mark Gross)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Robert Hawkins)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Mike Hessman)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Larry/Cable Guy)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Mark Lundholm)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (John Morgan)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Jimmy Pardo)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Larry Reeb)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Slipshod)

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH (Jeff Wayne)

Go Bananas Cincinnati, OH (Heywood Banks)

Go Bananas Cincinnati, OH (Mark Briten)

Go Bananas Cincinnati, OH (R. Bruce)

Go Bananas Cincinnati, OH (Steve Caminiti)

Go Bananas Cincinnati, OH (Drew Hastings)

Go Bananas Cincinnati, OH (Jack Mayberry)

Go Bananas Cincinnati, OH (Larry Reeb)

Go Bananas Cincinnati, OH (Rich Vos)

Go Bananas Cincinnati, OH (Ron White)

Joker’s Comedy Cafe Dayton, OH (B.T. Brandon)

Joker’s Comedy Cafe Dayton, OH (Kozak)

Joker’s Comedy Café Dayton, OH (Steve McGrew)

Joker’s Comedy Cafe Dayton, OH (John Rizzo)

The Improv Cleveland, OH (Dan Bradley)

Hilarities Cleveland, OH (Mike Lucas)

Hilarities Cleveland, OH (Kathleen Madigan)

Hilarities Cleveland, OH (Dak Rakow)

Hilarities Cleveland, OH (Kenny Rogerson)

Columbus College of Art and Design (Craig Peters)

Columbus College of Art and Design (Sparkman)

Holiday Inn on the Lane Columbus, OH (Slipshod)

Ruby Tuesday’s Columbus, OH (Slipshod)

Ruby Tuesday’s Columbus, OH (MCTD)

Counterfeit Heist Columbus, OH (Slipshod)

Thirsty Ear Tavern Columbus, OH (contest host)

Chaktaw Lake Boosters London, OH (Rob Haney)

Feature Performances:
Casey’s Lorain, OH

Saginaw Comedy Club Saginaw, MI

The Funny Bone South Bend, IN

The Ohio Theatre (Riteous Bros) Cols, OH

The Comedy Café Milwaukee, WI

Mekka (Todd Rundgren) Columbus, OH

Night Moves Maysville, KY
Headlining Performances:
CSU Greek Week 2003 Cleveland, OH

Dick Clark’s, Crosswoods Columbus, OH

Donato’s Underground Columbus, OH

Estrada’s Columbus, OH

Fatz, Comedy All-Starz Columbus, OH
Showcase Performances:
The Funny Bone Davenport, IA

The Funny Bone Lysle, IL

Comedy Caravan Louisville, KY

Funny Business Madison, WI

Operation Smile benefit Columbus, OH

Positively Funny benefit Columbus, OH

Ramada Inn Delaware, OH

The Bogey Inn Dublin, OH

Lil’ Sisters Grove City, OH

Hey-Hey Bar and Grill Columbus, OH

Summit Station Columbus, OH

Ohio Society Of CPAs Annual Convention host Cleveland, OH, September 2003

Sts. Peter & Paul Teacher Parity Fund Benefit trivia contest host Cleveland, OH, April 2002

Fresno’s Summer Splash for Camp Sunrise host/auctioneer Columbus, OH, July 2000

Oktoberfest/Funny Bone Stand-Up Contest finalist Columbus, OH, 1999

“A Forum Not Unlike Politically Incorrect” host OSU Law School, April 1999

Bumpers Stand-Up Contest finalist Columbus, OH, 1998

President September 1997 – Dec 2000

The Slipshod Theatre Company Improvisational Comedy Troupe

Business Manager/Creative Director / Workshop Facilitator Sept 1994 – Dec 2000 Performances Include:

First Night Columbus, 1998 Columbus, OH

Go Bananas Funniest Person Finals, 1998 Cincinnati, OH

The Funny Bone Columbus, OH

Holiday Inn, Lane Ave Columbus, OH

Little Sisters, Ramada Inn Grove City, OH

A Premiere Playhouse, New Market Mall Columbus, OH

AMC Lennox 24 Theatres Columbus, OH

Estrada’s Restaurant Columbus, OH

Street Scene Bar and Grill Columbus, OH

Peking Restaurant Columbus, OH

Capital University Student Union Bexley, OH

Ruby Tuesday Columbus, OH

Apollo’s Restaurant and Bar Columbus, OH

Private Performances:

Navistar International, Christmas Party, 1998 Springfield, OH

Victoria’s Secret, Holiday Party, 1998 Kettering, OH

Columbia Gas of Ohio, “Geekfest” 1998 Columbus, OH

Capital University, “Wicked Wednesday” 1/98 Bexley, OH

Buckeye Nissan, Christmas Party, 1997 Columbus, OH

OSU Stadium Dormitory, Year-End Study Break, 1997 Columbus, OH

Nationwide Insurance, Diversity Rally, 1997 Columbus, OH

Public Relations Society of America, Awards Dinner, 1996

Chemical Abstracts Services, Employee Appreciation Night, 1/1997

Columbus State Community College, Phi Theta Kappa Induction, 1996

Columbus State Community College, Phi Theta Kappa Honors Institute, 1997

Rattletrap GaSlacktica Sci-Fi SitCom (ACTV) June 1995 - September 1995

MIDWEST COMEDY TOOL AND DIE (MCTD) Columbus, OH Improvisational Comedy Troupe June 1993 - September 1994

Performances Include:

The Funny Bone Comedy Club Columbus, OH

The Columbus Zoo Amphitheater (warm-up act for Rita Rudner) Columbus, OH

Channel Four’s “5:30 Live” (publicity for “Operation Smile”) Columbus, OH

Peal’s Palace Erlanger, KY

The Comedy Caravan IN, KY, OH

OOH d’etat” Revue Writer/Director Out Of Our Heads, Columbus OH, 2004
Sherman Learns Oxymorons”Producer Out Of Our Heads, Columbus OH, 2004

Sketchcetera” Producer Sonnyboo Productions, Columbus OH, 2002

Goodnight, Cleveland!” Line Producer Slipshod Productions, Columbus OH
The Blitz Local Compilation Album (“Sarajevo”)The Chowder Monkeys WBZX, 1995

“The Automatic Dog Wash” The Idea Hi-Top Music, 1994

Production Demo Fear Of Silence George Caleodis, 1993

Production Demo The Life Jim Ward, 1992

“The Great Donkey Catapult” The Idea Hi-Top Music, 1991

Production Demo Voices of Winter Voices of Winter, 1989

“Knuckle Sandwich” Rik Roberts, 1998

Soundtrack, “My New Advisor” Jim Bihari, 1997

“Great Big Purple Hickey” Rik Roberts, 1996
Dave Stroupe Manager

(614) 471 – 5653 The Funny Bone Comedy Club, Columbus, OH
Carol Mosic Talent Agent

(614) 488 – 1122 CAM Talent, Columbus, OH
Andy “Andyman” Davis Program Director

(614) 221 – 9923 WWCD, CD101, Columbus, OH
Height: 5’ 7” Eye color: brown

Weight: 200 lbs. Hair color: dark brown

Waist: 38” Neck: 17.5” Coat: 46 R

Inseam: 29” Shirt sleeve: 34” Coat insleeve: 23”

Seat: 41”
Shoes: 10 wide

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