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Indirect Social Work Practice with Ethnic Groups

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Indirect Social Work Practice with Ethnic Groups

Organizational Features of Ethnicity and Mental Health Help

The class examines culture as it relates to supervision and management.

Required Reading:
Manning text, Chapter 9, Organizational Culture: The Tangled Web of Understanding.
Manning text, Chapter 10, Tools and Strategies to Shape Ethical Cultures.
Guin, C. C., Noble, D. N., & Merrill, T. S. (2003). From misery to mission: Forensic social workers on multidisciplinary mitigation teams. Social Work, 48 (3), 348-361.


Organizational Design

Criteria for Design

Linking and Coordinating Mechanisms

Organizational Charts

Key Organizational Processes

Biopsychosocial Assessment in Human Service Organizations

Client Rights and Responsibilities

Ethical Issues Surrounding Social Work Practice in Managed

The class examines HSOs from a structural viewpoint.
Required Readings:
Kettner text, Chapter 4, Using Structure to Facilitate and Support Achievement of the Agency’s Mission.
Kettner text, Chapter 5, Using Job and Work Design Creatively to Achieve Maximum Employee Performance.
Kissane, R. J. (2003). What’s need got to do with it? Barriers to use of nonprofit social services. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 30 (2), 127-148.
Recommended Case Study:
Stoesz, D. (2000). In Fauri, Wernet, & Netting, Chapter 5, The Interim Director: Leadership and Administrative Style.


Developing and Managing Human Resources

Hiring Practices

Staff Training

Performance Appraisal

Valuing Diversity

Volunteer Management and Participation

Indirect Social Work Practice with Women

Feminist Practice Implications

Women and Trauma
The class discusses dimensions and issues in contemporary human resource management within HSOs.
Required Readings:
Kettner text, Chapter 10, Using Job Analysis as a Basis for Ensuring Consistency within the Human Resources System.
Kettner text, Chapter 11, Strengthening the Organization through Excellent Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring Practices.
Kettner text, Chapter 12. Maximizing Employee Potential through Staff Training and Development.
Barak, M. E. M. (2000). The inclusive workplace: An ecosystems approach to diversity management. Social Work, 45 (4), 339-352.
Recommended Case Study:
Macduff, N., & Netting, F. E. (2000). In Fauri, Wernet, & Netting. Chapter 8 Kings Haven and YOU: Managing Volunteers.
Building Supervisory Relationships

The Supervisory Dyad

The Supervision Process

Theories of Motivation

Leadership Models in Supervision

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