George mason university supervision and management for social workers

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Due: Class 9

Identify an actual human service organization (HSO) that serves a field of practice, such as mental health, substance abuse, or services for people with disabilities. Interview staff at the agency. Conduct an analysis of the HSO. Include points, such as the following, in your term paper:

What is the mission of the agency?

Does the agency explicitly implement public relations, marketing, and fundraising campaigns?

What are the auspices of the agency?

Is the agency affiliated with or part of any other organizations?

Describe the relationships of the agency to other HSOs.

What is the history of the agency?

How is the agency organized? Does the agency have an organizational chart?

How is administration structured at the agency?

Does the agency have an executive director? If so, to whom does the director report?

Are there levels of management within the agency?

What is the size of the agency?

What are the sources of the agency’s funding?

Who is responsible for preparing the agency’s budget?

Does the agency have a board of directors?

Does it have a community board?

Who does the agency serve?

Does the agency have ideals which it attempts to attain?

What are the agency’s goals?

How do the agency’s goals reflect social work values?

For each goal identify specific, measurable objectives.

What activities, interventions, programs, and services are offered by the agency to meet its objectives?

What risks does the agency assume and how does it manage its risks?

Has the agency conducted any evaluations of its programs?

What types of information does the agency collect?

Are there multiple sources of data which the agency uses?

Does the agency have a management information system?

How are computers used in the agency?

How efficient and how effective is the agency?

How is leadership developed and exercised in the agency?

How is supervision provided?

Is training or continuing education offered to staff members?

Describe the staff. How do staff members collaborate?

What are the agency’s sources of cooperation and competition?

How does human diversity play a role in the agency?

Identify any ethical dilemmas which are present and how they appear to be resolved.

What are the social work roles in the organization?

Be prepared to present and discuss your findings in class.
Assignment 2
Grant Proposal (Suggested length: apx. 12-16 pp., 3000-4000 words)
Due: Class 12
Prepare a grant proposal or a written response to an actual request for proposals. In the proposal, specify the social problem being addressed and include your qualifications. Include a recent literature review. Provide a conceptual framework. Include a plan for measuring progress and outcome. Specify an evaluation design. Include the sample. Describe the methods of data collection and analysis. Present the relevant administrative procedures.

Include a description of the setting and a proposed calendar of events. Indicate any risks that might be present.

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