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Write-On Competition Instructions

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2016 Write-On Competition Instructions
To participate in the competition, you must write a Comment (as defined below in Section III) on the sources included in this packet.
The Write-On is a closed research project. Not all the materials included in the packet may be applicable to your analysis—you must decide what is relevant. You do not have to use all of the sources and you do not have to use any specific number of the sources. You may not conduct any outside research, and you are limited to the materials contained in thIS packet. The materials in this packet have been noticeably altered, and you may only use the sources as they appear in this packet (i.e., do not look up the listed sources on LexisNexis, Westlaw, or any other research tool, including Google). If you are found to violate this requirement, your entry will be automatically disqualified, and you will no longer be eligible for candidate membership with any journal. This restriction is for your benefit. It allows you to spend your time reading and writing rather than researching the issues.
Similar to LRWA rules, you may not discuss this project with other law students, law school faculty, attorneys, or anyone who has legal training. However, friends or family members who have no legal training and are not law students, law school faculty, or attorneys may proofread your Comment. Please be aware that the GMUSL Honor Code governs the Write-On Competition.

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