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Lindsey P. Henderson Jr.

Few men who left so great an impression on their day and generaltion are as little known as George H., Ash. According to Waring and Hartridge “In the Fifties sixties and seventies the most prolific builders were George H. Ash, Adam Short, and william L. Vroom. They were essentially skilled craftsmen who used the current plans and de­signs to be 4’ound in the building manuals of the time, but their adapt­ations of these to their clients’ taste and pocketbook as well as to the of the climate made them what we would consider architects, though they themselves would hardly have presumed to that status0 They advertised themselves as ‘master builders’ or ‘master masons’, They were also speculative builders in that they often built on their own credit for sale or rental,”

George H, Ash was born on 25 May 1828 in Savannah, Georgia0 He was the son of George A, and Eliza Gorham Ash.12) Little is known of his sarly life except that he “cane of a family of builders". (3) He is an]

alleged to have followed in the footsteps of his uncle, John A. Ash (1792— 1622) who had “prospered in the building trade and been an honored citizen (Alderman, Deputy Marshall, Fort Warden) and who in turn had learned bid trade from his stepfather, William Burnside, carpenter.” George Ash’ s brother in law, Edward J. Henderson C18h2-1930) was apprenticed to him and also became a builder”(4)

George Ash built a variety of houses9 Large and Small, Expensive and Inexpensive. They were all characterized by sound construction, fine brickwork and refined interior trim. (5) Some of his known houses are as


128 East Taylor Street 1860
223 Jones Street 1867 (1866?)

220-22-24 East Taylor 1869

216—18 East Taylor 1869
206—08—10 East Taylor 1854

426 Abercorn Street 1855

313 East Liberty Street 1851—52 (6)
George H. As died at his home, 70 Taylor Street, 12 February 1885. (7) He was buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery, 14 February 1885, (7) He was followed by wife some thirtytwo years later, Her obituary follows:

"Mrs. S. J. Ash dies after long illness

Following an illness of several months, Mrs. Sarah 50 Ash aged 80 years died at her home, No. 218 Taylor Street East, this morning at 1:20 o'clock She was a native of Savannah and the widow of George H., Ash0 She leaves a brother, Edward 5. Henderson and a nephew George H., Miller of Savannah. Four nieces, Misses Lilly and Elbie Miller of Savannah and. Mrs.. John Carpenter of New York (the name of the 4th niece not available) two grandchildren, Edward Ash Zverett and Mrs Walter Berry of Columbus, Georgia and three greatgrandchildren,, Funeral arrangements are incomplete.(8)

That is the life of George H, Ash, Master Builder whose fine buildings are becoming a legend in our time, a time of the resurgence of history and “Old Savannah”. More could be made of the information available, but he and breathes in the gracious homes restored and being restored in Sairannah today. Thus it seems appropriate that we go further into the life of this builder who left so much for posterity. So, let us begin at the beginning as it is known and recorded.

Records of the Salzburger Society (9 )indicate the following: “Matthias Ash crossed the Savannah River at Purysburg and took up residence at Eben­ezer in 1734." The Royal Georgia Gazette and the Georgia Gazette make many to him, (10) According to Mrs0 Thad B, Welch, in a telephone discussion, Matthias Ash had no children, On or about 1790, he sponsored, George Adam Ashbacher, his brothers son and brought him to Savannah,(11) tWhen George arrived and at approximately the time of his naturalization, he changed his name to Ash. (12)

George Adam Ash married Elizabeth (Eliza) daughter of_Joseph and Elizabeth Gorham of New Haven, Conn, in 1814 She died 23 November 1839 at age 45 Sometime after this, he married Susannah Burnsides, a Widow.(13) SUsannah Burnsides Ash (1824-1907) married Charles Braddock Patterson in 1838. They are buried in lot 651 Laurel Grove Cemetery. He died in 1858 and she died in 1907. (14) There son, Charles Braddock Patterson C181j5— 21920) married Annie Naud Lester (1851—1896)., Their son George Randolph Alice Sauls. Their daughter Thelma, Mrs Thad B. Welch is a source for this paper.

George H, Ash had a brother, John who moved to Oliver Georgia shortly after the War Between the States and became a Methodist Minister, and farmer His Grandson, George B, Ash has the original papers of George Adam Ash (bacher) and will make copies available to this writer. The gap discovered during the preparation of this paper causes many questions.

There is no question as to George H Ash’s existance, Nor is there a question as to the buildings he left for posterity, The writer can find no fault with his family name being changed from Ashbacker to Ash as did

his great great grand uncle Matthias Ash, the Salzburger. His marriage is recorded in the aaily Morning News of 9 October 1851 to Miss Sarah L. Henderson by Rev., Conner on Thursday 2 .October 1851. However9 it is thought expedient to check more thoroughly the gap that seems to exist between Matthias Ash, George Ash and George Adam Ash. When this is done, both the Salzburger line through Ash (bacher) and the Mayflower line through Gorham may be traced with impunity.

Lindsey P. Henderson Jr.


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These have all been checked and rechecked by this writer,


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George H. Ash
George H. Ash, 57, died at his home, 70 Taylor Street, after & short illness. He was a native of Savannah and had lived here all of his life. lie came from a line of builders, both in the field of politics and construction. lTh followed in the footsteps of his uncle, John A. Ash who had prospered in the building trade and had been an honored citizen of Savannah as well. He owned much prop­erty in Calhoun Ward and will long be remembered for the gracious homes, large and small, that he built for some of Savannahs citizens, there and in other parts of the city.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Sarah J. Ash, two sons, Edward G. Ash and Frank 0. Ash, both of Savannah and a number of nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles.

Friends are invited to call at the residence. Burial will be in Laurel Grove Cemetery in this year of our Lnrd, February 14 1885.

This was the information available for an obituary. However, only a short funeral notice was published.

Lindsey P. Henderson Jr.

History 500

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