George Bush: Misled U. S. into war by s

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George Bush:

1. Misled U.S. into war by spreading false fear of weapons of mass destruction and inventing a connection between Osama and Saddam.
2. Has created unrest and terrorism in Iraq

our Iraq occupation is galvanizing terrorists.

3. Shirked his National Guard duty. Got special treatment during Vietnam.
4. Lost American Jobs: Put 2 million Americans out of work (but claims that he has created jobs)
5. Increased the Deficit: Turned Clinton’s $300+ billion surplus into a $300 billion deficit much of it through tax cuts to the rich.
6. Undermined our most basic freedoms with the Patriot Act. Increased surveillance on Americans.
7. Sold America out to his corporate friends; Appointed campaign contributors to ambassadorships & cabinet positions; Gave military contracts in Iraq to Haliburton without putting them out for bids.
8. Ruined America’s standing in the world; Broke many International treaties: International Test Ban Treaty, the Geneva Convention; Wouldn’t sign Kyoto Protocols to address global climate change.
9. Shows disdain for science; Pressured scientists to change/weaken/ lie about findings to deny protection for endangered species & ecosystems.
10. Has done irreparable environmental damage: Paid back his polluter contributers. Threatened Alaska wilderness for 6-mo supply of oil. Opened up National Forests to drilling & mining.
11. Supported legislation threatening children’s health including allowing more mercury in fish and more arsenic in drinking water.
12. Provided inadequate funding for education. His “No Child Left Behind” is an UNFUNDED mandate causing many states to sue the administration.


13. Stole the 2000 election in Florida and won’t support paper ballots in the 2004 election.
14. Does not support a woman’s right to choose, blocked doctors from discussing reproductive issues.

Tearing down barriers between church & state.
15. Does not understand complexities or have the moral integrity or capability to be a world leader. Cheyney, Rove & Ashcroft run the country.
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John Kerry:

1. Is a Team Player and will work with our allies to make the most of a difficult situation.
2.Will use the force of the International Community to fight the war on terrorism. Will mend relationships with our allies who do not respect Bush.
3. Fought with honor and valor for our country in Vietnam, then spoke out against that unjust, misguided war.
4. Has a plan to put people back to work with a jobs corps approach (similar to the Civilian Conservation Corps during the depression).
5. Believes in a balanced budget; Criticizes tax cuts for the rich; Understands problems of working people; Endorsed by most of the unions.
6. Is concerned about the loss of American’s civil liberties and constitutional rights that are threatened under the Patriot Act.
7. Will not be in the pocket of Big Oil ; Committed to developing renewable energy and reducing our dependence on foreign oil
8. Has spoken out about the importance of addressing global climate change and abiding by international treaties.
9. Respects science and understands the importance of basing decisions on sound science.
10. Has a 93% positive rating from the

League of Conservation Voters (LCV) for

his support of environmental record.Has voted for protection of Ancient Forests. Supports no roads in roadless area; Supports protection of national parks from drilling & mining.
11. Has an excellent voting record on children’s health issues; Understands the relationship between health and environmental contamination.
12. Has supported funding of education, teaching science. Will raise teachers’ salaries to insure American’s strength as a world economic power.
13. Has called for paper ballots to ensure fair elections.
14. Supports a woman’s right to choose; Supports the right of women internationally to have access to information about reproductive health.
15.Has proven himself to be a thoughtful,

intelligent, wise, capable, moral, strong leader.
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Created by Contra Dancers for Kerry and not endorsed by or paid for by the Kerry Campaign or any other organization. Based on the above websites and Bill Press's Book Bush Must Go: Why George Bush Does Not Deserve A Second Term. 2004 October 7.

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