Geologic Setting

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Land movements

On November 9, 1999, Jacobs Associates were hired to survey the Westline Drive Site in Daly City by the City of Daly City- Engineering Division. The following information was taken from their report given to the Division. The survey team found evidence that active landslide movement was occurring at great depths. Their studies also indicated that groundwater had substantial impact upon the stability of the landslides.

Substantial land movements occurred during the winter of 1962-1963. Landslide movements continued during the next few years, and in 1966, the residences at # 34 through #56 Westline Drive, together were removed from the northern side of the roadway. Periodic landslide movements have occurred from the 1970’s to the present time. The most significant ground movements were occurring at the time of the survey (1999), involving movement of part of the street and associated infrastructure.

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