Geologic map of alaska compiled by helen m. Beikman

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lJm LOWER JURASSIC METAMORPHIC ROCKS—Intercalated blueschist, quartz mica schist, greenschist with subordinate amphibolite, marble, and metachert at southern tip of Kenai Peninsula and on Afognak Island

Mzm MESOZOIC METAMORPHIC ROCKS—Small masses of metamorphosed sedimentary, volcanic, and igneous rocks, largely of pre-Cretaceous age, scattered throughout the Aleutian Range batholith. Amphibolite facies schist along north side of Matanuska Valley
JPm JURASSIC, TRIASSIC, AND PERMIAN METAMORPHIC ROCKS—Metasedimentary, metaplutonic, and metavolcanic rocks near Anchorage and along south side of Matanuska Valley
PzM PALEOZOIC METAMORPHIC ROCKS—Hornfels, schist, amphibolite, minor marble, and undivided metamorphic rocks north of Icy Strait in southeastern Alaska, and gneiss, schist, and phyllite, and undifferentiated metasedimentary and metaigneous rocks in the Yukon-Tanana Upland
PzpCm PALEOZOIC AND (OR) PRECAMBRIAN METAMORPHIC ROCKS—Metasedimentary and metaigneous rocks, including schist and gneiss of many different compositions, primarily of the greenschist and amphibolite facies, in the Yukon-Tanana Upland. Formerly included the Birch Creek Schist


Beikman, H.M., 1980, Geologic map of Alaska: U.S. Geological Survey, 2 sheets, scale 1:2,500,000.

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