Geography Integrated Lesson Plan Title: The Arrival of the North American Indians Subjects: U. S. History Duration of lesson: 1 to 2 45min periods Teacher: Johnathan Mayne

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Geography Integrated Lesson Plan

Title:The Arrival of the North American Indians

Subjects: U.S. History

Duration of lesson:1 to 2 45min periods

Teacher:Johnathan Mayne


Students will learn the most widely accepted theory and theorize other possible ways that the American Indians (Paleo-Indians) arrived in North America.


How did Americans Indians arrive in North America? Why did they stay and locate where they did?


Paleolithic Neolithic Archaic Beringia Glaciation Carbon 14 Paleo-Indians

Migration Domestication Hunter-Gatherer Agriculture Thor Heyerdahl Kon Tiki


SS. Relate life in America before the 17th century to life today.

SS. Analyze and explain the contacts that occurred between Native Americans and European settlers during the age of discovery.


6: The Uses of Geography 18, How to Apply Geography to Interpret the Present and Plan for the Future


21C.O.9-12.1.LS.1 Student recognizes information needed for problem solving, can efficiently browse, search and navigate online to access relevant information, evaluates information based on credibility, social, economic, political and/or ethical issues, and presents findings clearly and persuasively using a range of technology tools and media.
21C.O.9-12.2.LS.1 Student engages in a critical thinking process that supports synthesis and conducts evaluation using complex criteria

MATERIALS: (include resources)

World Map (Class Map or Internet Projection)

Blank World Map ( two for each student.


On a blank World map, have the student theorize where the Paleo-Indians came from in the world and where they eventually settled in the current United States. Then show the most accepted theory on the board or class world map. Have the students copy the accepted theory on the other blank map.

PROCEDURE: (include activity sheets)

If possible: Have the students research Thor Heyerdahl and the Kon-Tiki before the start of this lesson.

Lecture/Discussion: Discuss any unknown vocabulary necessary to the lecture. Discuss movement from Asia through Beringia to North America, the Ice Age, Carbon 14 dating, Time epochs, the move from hunter-gatherer to agriculture and civilization, and review the locations of North American Indian tribes. (information available at: )

Discussion/Research: Discuss the voyage of Thor Heyerdahl aboard the Kon-Tiki and whether or not the voyage would have been successful for early migrations. Information available at


Review the most accepted routes of the Paleo-Indians to North America.

Look at the areas they settled in today and how they have changed since.

ASSESSMENT (include assessment)

On a blank World map, have the students label the major countries involved today, the continents and the accepted routes by which the Paleo-Indians migrated to North America.

Created by: Sherri Mitchem ad Danielle Spencer 2010

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