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  1. What are some words that have been use to describe Genghis Khan?

  1. When and where was Genghis born?

  1. How did Genghis spend his childhood? What was the one thing he was afraid of?

  1. How and from whom did Genghis learn the important lesson of “strength in unity”?

  1. What was the scenario that proved that people shouldn’t cross Genghis Khan? How old was Genghis when this took place?

  1. How were alliances formed by the Mongol tribes? How did Genghis form his first alliance and for what did he form it?

  1. Who did Genghis form a tight friendship and alliance with after his wife had been rescued? What ended up happening to this alliance?

  1. What kind of warfare was Genghis very good at? How did he accomplish this?

  1. How far and how fast could Genghis’ mounted army move?

  1. What are the two tribe Genghis conquers in his quest for power and dominance in the Asian Steppes?

  1. What accounts for Genghis’ success as a military leader?

  1. What happened in 1206 the year of the Tiger?

  1. How did Khan’s army treat conquered women and children in its conquest of China?

  1. How far did Genghis Khan’s Mongolian Empire stretch?

  1. How and when did Genghis Khan die?

Download 6.42 Kb.

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