Genetic Study of Fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster)

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Drosophila Experiment

Anaesthetizing Flies
To observe your fruit flies in terms of their characteristics, you may use the freezer method.
Freezer Method
The freezer is a safe way to slow the flies down but be careful as too long here will kill the flies. Depending on the container and the freezer, flies may die with up to 8 minutes in the freezer. 2 minutes in the freezer will give you about 2-3 minutes of knocked out flies.

1. While the flies are anesthetized, sort the male and female fruit flies. Try to be fast in sorting. Put them in separate glass bottles with stocking covers.
2. Choose one male and one female. Put them together in a separate jar with ripe bananas. They will be considered as Parents (P1 x P2). Let them mate and observe how many offspring are produced. The offspring will be regarded as as the F1 generation. Then breed female and male flies from the F1 generation to produce F2 offspring.
Then, for each generation, record the following:

No. of offspring

No. of male and females
Eye Color
Wing type (You may search the internet to describe the wing type)
Mutant if there are any (e.g., white color body and eyes, curled wings)
At first, you might notice tiny white wet specks on the banana surface. These are the eggs that the fruit flies laid. After a couple of days, you should see little white wormlike creatures on the surface of the banana. Since fruit flies are still flies, these cute tiny white worms are called maggots.

These maggots keep themselves busy eating tunnels through the banana all day and night. Four or five days later, the maggots will attach themselves to the inside wall of the jar, forming structures that look like large rice grains, which darken after a couple of days. Finally, about ten days later, tiny flies should emerge from the banana. If the decomposing banana is not grossing your family out, you can observe how this generation of flies mates and lays eggs, repeating the life cycle.

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