General Works on American Military History and Works Covering Several Periods

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The New Nation, 1790-1815

AUTHOR       Crackel, Theodore J.

TITLE        Mr. Jefferson's army : political and social reform of the
               military establishment, 1801-1809 / Theodore J. Crackel.
IMPRINT      New York : New York University Press, 1987.
CALL #       UA25 .C82 1987.
AUTHOR       Edmunds, R. David (Russell David), 1939-
TITLE        Tecumseh and the quest for Indian leadership / R. David Edmunds.
IMPRINT      Boston : Little, Brown, c1984.
CALL #       E99.S35 T4E35 1984.
AUTHOR       Hickey, Donald R., 1944-
TITLE        The War of 1812 : a forgotten conflict / Donald R. Hickey.
IMPRINT      Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c1989.
CALL #       E354 .H49 1989.
AUTHOR       Horsman, Reginald.
TITLE        The War of 1812.
IMPRINT      New York, Knopf, 1969.
CALL #       E354 .H6.

AUTHOR       Jacobs, James Ripley, 1886-

TITLE        The beginning of the U.S. Army, 1783-1812.
IMPRINT      Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1947.
CALL #       E181 .J3.

AUTHOR       Kohn, Richard H.

TITLE        Eagle and sword : the Federalists and the creation of the
               military establishment in America, 1783-1802 / Richard H. Kohn.
IMPRINT      New York : Free Press [1975]
CALL #       UA23 .K737.
AUTHOR       Palmer, Dave Richard, 1934-
TITLE        1794 : America, its army, and the birth of the nation / Dave R.
IMPRINT      Novato, CA : Presidio, c1994.
CALL #       E311 .P34 1994.
AUTHOR       Remini, Robert Vincent, 1921-
TITLE        Andrew Jackson & his Indian wars / Robert V. Remini.
IMPRINT      New York : Viking, c2001.
CALL #       E381 .R413 2001.
AUTHOR       Schroeder, John H., 1943-
TITLE        Shaping a maritime empire : the commercial and diplomatic role of
               the American Navy, 1829-1861 / John H. Schroeder.
IMPRINT      Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, c1985.
CALL #       E182 .S288 1985.
AUTHOR       Silverstone, Scott A.
TITLE        Divided union : the politics of war in the early American
               republic / Scott A. Silverstone.
IMPRINT      Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 2004.
CALL #       E338 .S56 2004.
AUTHOR       Skeen, Carl Edward.
TITLE        Citizen soldiers in the War of 1812 / C. Edward Skeen.
IMPRINT      Lexington : University Press of Kentucky, c1999.
CALL #       E359.3 .S48 1999.

AUTHOR       Stagg, J. C. A. (John Charles Anderson), 1945-

TITLE        Mr. Madison's war : politics, diplomacy, and warfare in the early
               American republic, 1783-1830 / by J.C.A. Stagg.
IMPRINT      Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1983.
CALL #       E357 .S79 1983.

AUTHOR       Stuart, Reginald C.

TITLE        The half-way pacifist : Thomas Jefferson's view of war / Reginald
               C. Stuart.
IMPRINT      Toronto ; Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, c1978.
CALL #       E332.2 .S87.

AUTHOR       Stuart, Reginald C.

TITLE        War and American thought : from the Revolution to the Monroe
               Doctrine / Reginald C. Stuart.
IMPRINT      Kent, Ohio : Kent State University Press, c1982.
CALL #       E181 .S9 1982.
AUTHOR       Sword, Wiley.
TITLE        President Washington's Indian War : the struggle for the Old
               Northwest, 1790-1795 / by Wiley Sword.
IMPRINT      Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c1985.
CALL #       E83.79 .S95 1985.

An Expanding America, 1815-1848
AUTHOR       Ball, Durwood, 1960-
TITLE        Army regulars on the western frontier, 1848-1861 / Durwood Ball.
IMPRINT      Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c2001.
CALL #       F593 .B18 2001.
AUTHOR       Bauer, K. Jack (Karl Jack), 1926-
TITLE        Surfboats and horse marines; U.S. naval operations in the Mexican
               War, 1846-48 [by] K. Jack Bauer.
IMPRINT      Annapolis, U.S. Naval Institute [1969]
CALL #       E410 .B3.

AUTHOR       Bauer, K. Jack (Karl Jack), 1926-

TITLE        The Mexican War, 1846-1848 / K. Jack Bauer ; introduction to the
               Bison Book edition by Robert W. Johannsen.
IMPRINT      Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, c1993.
CALL #       E404 .B37 1993.
AUTHOR       Bauer, K. Jack (Karl Jack), 1926-
TITLE        Zachery Taylor : soldier, planter, statesman of the old Southwest
               / K. Jack Bauer.
IMPRINT      Baton Rouge : Louisiana State University Press, c1985.
CALL #       E422 .B26 1985.

AUTHOR       Brack, Gene M.

TITLE        Mexico views manifest destiny, 1821-1846 : an essay on the
               origins of the Mexican War / Gene M. Brack.
IMPRINT      Albuquerque, [N.M.] : University of New Mexico Press, c1975.
CALL #       E404 .B73.
AUTHOR       Connor, Seymour V.
TITLE        North America divided; the Mexican War, 1846-1848 [by] Seymour V.
               Connor and Odie B. Faulk.
IMPRINT      New York, Oxford University Press, 1971.
CALL #       E404 .C8.
TITLE        Dueling eagles : reinterpreting the U.S.-Mexican War, 1846-1848 /
               edited by Richard V. Francaviglia and Douglas W. Richmond.
IMPRINT      Fort Worth : Texas Christian University Press, c2000.
CALL #       E415 .D84 2000.
AUTHOR       Eby, Cecil D.
TITLE        "That disgraceful affair," the Black Hawk War, by Cecil Eby.
IMPRINT      New York, Norton [1973]
CALL #       E83.83 .E29.

AUTHOR       Engstrand, Iris Wilson.

TITLE        Culture y cultura : consequences of the U.S.-Mexican war, 1846-
               1848 / Iris H.W. Engstrand, Richard Griswold del Castillo,
               Elena Poniatowska.
IMPRINT      Los Angeles, CA : Autry Museum of Western Heritage, c1998.
CALL #       E404 .E65 1998.
AUTHOR       Faulk, Odie B.
TITLE        The Mexican War, changing interpretations. Edited by Odie B.
               Faulk and Joseph A. Stout, Jr.
IMPRINT      Chicago, Sage Books [1973]
CALL #       E404 .F38 1973.
AUTHOR       Foos, Paul W.
TITLE        A short, offhand, killing affair : soldiers and social conflict
               during the Mexican-American War / Paul Foos.
IMPRINT      Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, c2002.
CALL #       E409.2 .F66 2002.
AUTHOR       Johannsen, Robert Walter, 1925-
TITLE        To the halls of the Montezumas : the Mexican War in the American
               imagination / Robert W. Johannsen.
IMPRINT      New York : Oxford University Press, 1985.
CALL #       E404 .J64 1985.
AUTHOR       Johnson, Timothy D., 1957-
TITLE        Winfield Scott : the quest for military glory / Timothy D.
IMPRINT      Lawrence : University Press of Kansas, c1998.
CALL #       E403.1.S4 J65 1998.
AUTHOR       Mahon, John K.
TITLE        History of the Second Seminole War, 1835-1842 / John K. Mahon.
IMPRINT      Gainesville : University of Florida Press, 1967.
CALL #       973.57 M279H1967.
AUTHOR       Nichols, Roger L.
TITLE        Black hawk--and the warrior's path / Roger L. Nichols.
IMPRINT      Arlington Heights, Ill. : Harlan Davidson, c1992.
CALL #       E83.83.B5 N43 1992.
AUTHOR       Owsley, Frank Lawrence, 1928-
TITLE        Struggle for the gulf borderlands the Creek War and the Battle of
               New Orleans, 1812-1815 / Frank Lawrence Owsley, Jr.
IMPRINT      Gainesville : University Presses of Florida, c1981.
CALL #       E355.1.N48 O97.
AUTHOR       Tate, Michael L.
TITLE        The frontier army in the settlement of the West / by Michael L.
IMPRINT      Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c1999.
CALL #       F596 .T36 1999.
AUTHOR       Winders, Richard Bruce, 1953-
TITLE        Mr. Polk's army : the American military experience in the 
               Mexican War / Richard Bruce Winders.
IMPRINT      College Station, Tex. : Texas A&M University Press, c1997.
CALL #       E409.2 .W56 1997.

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