General values of american culture

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For Speeches 2 and 3(both persuasive), choose one from the following list and label it in your outline. See sample outlines in your course packet. Don’t simply label “value”. Label as follows: cultural value: freedom. Or, whatever value you choose.

Taken from a survey, the following our general values that are promoted in American culture:

  1. A comfortable life (a prosperous life)

  1. An exciting life (a stimulating, active life)

  1. A sense of accomplishment (lasting contribution)

  1. A world at peace (free of ward and conflict)

  1. A world of beauty (beauty of nature and the arts)

  1. Equality (equal opportunity for all)

  1. Family Security (taking care of loved ones)

  1. Freedom (independence, free choice)

  1. Happiness (contentedness)

  1. Inner Harmony (freedom from inner conflict)

  1. Mature Love (sexual and spiritual intimacy)

  1. National Security (protection from attack)

  1. Pleasure (an enjoyable, leisurely life)

  1. Salvation (saved, eternal life)

  1. Self-respect (self-esteem)

  1. Social Recognition (respect, admiration)

  1. True Friendship (close companionship)

  1. Wisdom (a mature understanding of life)

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