General Ulysses S. Grant

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Civil War key People
General Ulysses S. Grant.

Commander of the Union Army.

Led the Union to victory over the south by forcing Confederate General Robert E. Lee to surrender

Plan for war

Total War-all out war that affects civilians and soldiers alike
Robert E. Lee

Commander of the Confederate army

Led the Confederate Army to several major victories over the bigger and better equipped Union Armies.

His surrender at Appomattox courthouse in 1865 effectively ended the War.

Abraham Lincoln

President of the U.S.

Did not have much experience in national politics or military matters, but proved to be a patient but strong leader and a fine war planner

Gained the respect of those around him

Refused to let the Confederacy remain apart from the Union

Also freed some slaves via the Emancipation Proclamation

Jefferson Davis

President of the Confederate States of America

Served in Mexican War

Former Secretary of War

Respected for honor and courage

Did not like to turn over details of military planning, so spent much time arguing with advisers

General William Sherman

Union General ,

Right Hand man of General Grant

Famous March to the Sea

goal was to head to Atlanta, Georgia and then onto the Atlantic Ocean, while destroying the southern ability to make war

Total War

Killed livestock, tore up planting fields destroyed railroad use for the Confederates
General Stonewall Jackson

Confederate General

Helped win the Battle of Bull Run, Nickname “Stonewall” Jackson Refused to retreat

In May of 1863, Lee and Jackson’s forces would get another victory, at the Battle of Chancellorsville.

But it would come at a high cost. During the battle, nervous Confederate soldiers fired at what they thought was an approaching Union soldier, but turned out to be “Stonewall” Jackson. Jackson would die from his injuries days later
Sergeant William Carney

Was the first of 16 African American soldiers to win the Medal of Honor in the Civil War.

Secretary of War Edwin Stanton told Lincoln that such soldiers had “proved themselves among the bravest of the brave.”
Clara Barton

Clara Barton established an agency to obtain and distribute supplies to wounded soldiers.

She obtained permission to travel behind the lines, and saw some of the grimmest battlefields of the war.

She founded the American Red Cross

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