General Tommy Franks Commander, U. S. Central Command

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General Tommy Franks

Commander, U.S. Central Command

Do you consider the operation a success? How do you define success in the Shah-i-kot?

Are you content with the coordination of air and ground elements during the campaign? What about the coordination between the chains of command for the conventional and unconvential forces? 

After Operation Anaconda and Tora Bora, do you believe militias recruited in eastern Afghanistan are reliable partners in this war?

Does Operation Anaconda affirm your belief in the Revolution in Military Affairs, or does it instead give you pause about the effectiveness of a “light footprint” in Afghanistan?

General Tommy Franks was the Commander of Central Command (CENTCOM), a theater-level command encompassing 25 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia. In this capacity, Franks oversaw the campaign in Afghanistan, providing strategic direction and planning.

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