General Introduction

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General Introduction

Aim of the Study :

This research paper aims at investigating Student’s Difficulties in Learning ESP Grammar
at the Department of French. It focuses on the main challenges faced by the students and the teachers in learning and teaching grammar and the attempts to overcome these difficulties.

  1. Statement of the Problem :

Third year students at the department of French at Abbass Laghror University’ encounter many difficulties in learning English grammar. This deficiency is due to the fact that most students do not have enough background about the English grammar and which method should be used in teaching it . This issue can be attributed also to the lack of skillful mastery of the most important grammatical points of English.

  1. Hypothesis :

In conducting this study, it is hypothesized that if third year students at the department of French have and understand the most important and necessary English grammatical rules through an appropriate method, their English level will improve.

  1. Methodology and Research Tools

The undertaken methodology to collect data is mainly qualitative. A questionnaire will be administered to third year students at the department of French in order to investigate and study their difficulties when learning English grammar. Also, there will be an oral interview with some teachers who teach those students. The interview will be in the form of questions about the challenges that the teachers face when they teach English grammar.

  1. Population and Sampling

In order to check the validity of the hypotheses of this study, a target population of third year students at the department of French ( G03) at Abass Laghror university was randomly chosen. This group is made up of twenty nine (25) students. This group was chosen because they have only one session per week in which they study English.

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