General Introduction

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General Introduction

General Introduction
English for specific purposes (ESP) is a branch of applied linguistics and it refers to the teaching and learning of English as a second or foreign language where the goal of the learners is to use English in (e.g. Brindley 1984; Kumaravadivelu 1991; Leki 1995; Schultz 1996, 2001; Spratt 1999). Many linguists have attempted to define it, each according to his perspective. Hutchinson & Waters (1987, p.19) define ESP as an approach to language teaching in which all decisions as to content and method are based on the learners’ reason in learning. Richards & Rodger (2001, p.107) also saw ESP as a movement that seeks to serve the language needs of learners who need English in order to carry out specific roles (e.g. student, engineer, nurse) and who need to acquire content and real-world skills through the medium of it rather than master the language for its own sake.
The teaching of English for specific purposes, in its early days, was largely motivated by the need to communicate across languages in areas such as commerce and technology. This has now expanded to include other areas such as English for academic purposes (EAP), English for occupational purposes (EOP), English for vocational purposes (EVP), English for medical purposes (EMP), English for business purposes (EBP), English for legal purposes (ELP), and English for sociocultural purposes (ESCP) (Belcher 2009). In order to achieve the main purposes of ESP, Grammar teaching and learning is highly needed .
Stojkovié and Burksaitiené (2018) see that ESP courses are divided into two major categories which are : vocabulary and grammar. The topic of teaching grammar in ESP contexts has been debatable between different grammarians for decades especially on which method should be used. They debate on whether grammar should be taught in either the traditional or communicative way.
Grammar is concerned with the structure of a language and contributes to producing sentences. The ability to perform the grammar knowledge in the language skills, such as reading, speaking, listening and writing, is necessary in ESP teaching. Therefore, it is necessary that grammar learning should be attached importance to ESP teaching. The goal of grammar learning is not only applied to English for general purposes (EGP), but also to ESP learning

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